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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Cake.

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This once in a lifetime event, the most memorable you have. Even with the most glamorous gown, Italian designer shoes, tuxedos and  pink limousine. No ceremony is complete without a cake.

Why are cakes so important at wedding parties?

Guests walk past your wedding cake in the reception lounge. What better way to get them excited, than a cake to make mouths talking and watering in anticipation.

Whether simple or complex your cake can turn heads and create lasting memory for you and your guests. 

1.If you find yourself on a tight budget, then opting for cheap wedding cakes will definitely do the trick. You may be able to enlist the help from your friends who are experts in baking and decorating cakes.

2. Whether you buy from a local baker or online specialist.  Choose a reputable cake shop family and friends are usually happy to recommend.

3. Everything has to be in order by the time the ceremony commences. Confirm the cake you ordered will be ready for the special day.

4. Check what ingredients used to create the spectacular cake. It’s also good to tell your baker which details you would like to have on your cake.

5. Be aware of how much it will cost for your wedding cake as well as the unique details you choose. 

6. Your cake flamboyant look might impress your guests. But it's the taste people will remember most. It would be disappointing having a centerpiece cake nobody wants another bite of.

Formal, modern or a traditional, you will live to tell the tale cake you shared on your big day.

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