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Don't Make These 9 Common Signage Mistakes - Number 7 Will Shock You!

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You have have a lot to think about when starting a business: business name, domain name, logo design, website design, business cards and more. Around 2 months ago I began looking for an office. I found the perfect location. One thing that I’ve never dealt with is a business sign.

Whether you’re creating and installing one sign or a multi-sign project, avoiding certain design issues will help to ensure that your finished signage clearly, concisely communicates your message and brand. Common signage mistakes include using poor contrast, improper font kerning (or spacing) and size, hard to read fonts, complicated graphics, and the wrong material. Signs may fail when they’re installed incorrectly or in a less-than-effective location. Experts suggest that there are seven key elements of digital signage: business, content, design, software, hardware, connectivity, and operations, each contributing to the complex puzzle of its effectiveness.

Are you planning to create a new sign for your business or revamp an existing one? Hold on for a moment before you start, as we've got some essential advice for you. Here are the nine most common signage mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs - because some of them could be costing you money!

  1. Poor Visibility: One of the most common mistakes in signage is poor visibility. Make sure your sign can be seen from a distance and in different lighting conditions.
  2. Incorrect Spelling: There's nothing more embarrassing than a sign with spelling errors. Always double-check your spelling and grammar before printing your sign.
  3. Using the Wrong Font: Using an inappropriate font can make your sign look unprofessional or even unreadable. Choose a font that's easy to read and complements your brand.
  4. Cluttered Design: Overloading your sign with too much information can make it difficult to read and unattractive. Keep your design simple and clean.
  5. Poor Color Contrast: The colors you choose for your sign can have a big impact on its readability. Make sure your colors have enough contrast to make your message clear.
  6. Incorrect Sizing: Your sign needs to be the right size to be effective. Make sure it's visible and readable from a distance without being too overwhelming.
  7. Bad Placement: If your sign isn't placed in a visible location, it's not going to attract the attention you want. Make sure your sign is in the right spot to get noticed.
  8. Low-Quality Materials: Using low-quality materials for your sign can result in it deteriorating quickly and looking unprofessional. Invest in high-quality materials to ensure your sign lasts.
  9. Failing to Update: Your sign needs to be updated regularly to reflect any changes in your business. Failing to do so can make your sign look outdated and unappealing.

By avoiding these common signage mistakes, you'll be on your way to creating a sign that effectively communicates your message and attracts the attention you want.

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