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9 Reasons to Update Your Company's Custom Sign

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|An attractive storefront sign can help you make a good first impression

If your budget will only allow for one type of company signage, then your first choice should be a storefront sign. Outdoor signage is the most effective way for you to attract new customers and to remind previous customers where you are. Storefront signage is usually the first thing that a potential customer notices about your business, that's what it's important to make sure that yours makes a great first impression.

Custom awnings can protect both your customers and your products

Installing an awning is a great way to complement your storefront signage and add attractive dimensions to a flat outer wall. They can really make your business facade look more appealing and interesting to passing traffic.

If your building is set back from the road, install a monument or pylon sign

If your business is set back from the road or if your building is blocked by a parking lot or other obstruction, then installing a pylon or monument sign is a great idea. Pylon and monument signs are placed at the side of the road or at the end of the entrance to your business to alert passing traffic of your location. Whether you choose a pylon or monument sign is often dictated by local bylaws that have height and width restrictions for signage. Another factor in choosing between the two is the type of business you have.

Banners are a great way to promote your business

Banners are a great temporary and inexpensive form of company signage. Banners are a great way to grow your business as they can be used to announce upcoming events, such as grand openings or trade shows and they are perfect for advertising sales and promotions.

Interior company signage can also help you grow your business

Your interior company signage can also play a big part in helping to grow your business. Here are some of the main categories of interior signage and why they are important. If your reception signs are designed to complement your exterior signage, then they can also be a great way to further promote your brand.'ve been in the custom signage business for years and we'd love to share our expertise and experience with you.

Your Business Needs Rebranding

Bring some clarity and consistency to your company's image by rebranding. Your brand should clearly tell your customers who you are and what you do. Building your brand is an important step in helping your customers easily recognise you. Rebranding could be as simple as choosing an appropriate new graphic such as a pair of scissors for a hairdresser or a cup of coffee for a cafe and incorporating that image in all of your custom signage.

Your Sign Has Been Damaged and It Doesn't Look the Best anymore

Exposure to the elements year after year can be hard on signage and can cause damage. Hail storms or strong winds can also do damage to your exterior signage. A well-presented, attractive sign will entice a potential customer to come into your business.

You're Not Getting the Business You Want from Your Current Sign

If your old storefront sign just isn't drawing in the new business that you want it to, then maybe it's time to install new custom signage that will.

You've Had the Same Sign for Years

Your sign could stop getting noticed and may stop drawing people into your business. Give your customers something new to look at and capture their attention.

Your Sign Is Too Small

If your sign is too small and your customers can't read or even see it, then it is definitely time to install a larger one that will get you noticed.

Your Sign Is Too Hard to Read

Perhaps when you first invested in your signage, you thought it would be nice to choose a fancy script or something funky and trendy.

You Want to Add Interior Signage

Maybe when you started your business, you could only afford a storefront sign. Exterior signage will get your customers into your business, but interior signage can direct them to the products or services they want.

Your Sign Can't Be Seen at Night

If you don't have an illuminated sign, then you are missing out on the opportunity to advertise your business day or night.

You Can Rely on Neon Nights to Update Your Company’s Custom Sign

You can trust Neon Nights for the best and most up-to-date custom sign installation possible. We will be with you every step in the signage process including installing it when it is complete. We'll help you design the perfect sign, taking your input into consideration so that you get the signage you want. Because we will be involved with you from the beginning, when it comes time to install your sign, we will know it inside out and will be fully prepared for the perfect custom business sign installation.

We have state-of-the-art installation tools and equipment and our installers are highly trained and experienced to make sure that your signage is installed securely and on time. Contact us today to update your company’s custom sign.

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