Any business is inherently interested in knowing the return on investment (ROI) for the important actions it’s considering because doing those calculations not only makes it easier to choose among different strategies but also helps identify which of several possible actions should be prioritized and which ones are better delayed.

With signage, you can do two varieties of ROI calculations:

  • ROI in comparison with other advertising expenditures
  • Pure financial ROI in comparison with any type of expenditures

If you haven’t already, by the way, you can check out your signage ROI with our unique Business Sign R.O.I. Calculator.

Either way, you’ll find that the cost of signage is relatively small compared to all the other expenditures you are making to promote your business.

Thus, it makes sense to increase the return on your signage investment not by looking to cut back on the cost of the signage, but by looking at the big picture and realizing that better designed, better quality signs will do a better job of bringing in new prospects and more effectively setting them up to convert to customers.

Two Ways to Kick Up Signage ROI

With signage, there are a couple of very easy but important ways to improve your ROI:

1.       Make choices that result in a better quality sign made of superior materials, with expert craftsmanship, so the physical asset will attract more attention and convey a more appealing message, as well as last longer and require less maintenance.

2.       Choose a vendor who provides a longer warranty and a fixed-cost maintenance program, both of which will help contain your costs without compromising on the intrinsic value and effectiveness of the signage.

People have been telling us that Neon Nights is a top competitor in both of these areas, but we’re particularly proud of our craftsmanship. Our sign-building expertise and perfectionism are what allow us to offer more effective, persuasive, and memorable signage with a warranty for those who want longer-range forecasting of their operating costs.

In addition, we’d be happy to talk to you about our pace-setting maintenance and upgrade programs. They allow you several ways to bring your sign up to date and also put an upper limit on your signage maintenance and repair costs over the ten years or longer than a well-made, thoroughly updated sign should last, regardless of weather damage, wear and tear, and all the other problems that can crop up.

Next time you’re thinking of upgrading or adding to your signage, we’d love to have a chance to show you how to kick up your ROI by installing better, more effective signage that does a great job for you with the maximum possible efficiency.