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Discover The Top 10 Fonts You Need To Use For Eye-Catching Signs!

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Have you ever walked past a sign that made you stop in your tracks? Chances are, it wasn't just the message that caught your attention, but also the font that was used. The font you choose for your sign is just as important as the message itself. It can make or break the effectiveness of your sign and ultimately impact your business's success.

We surveyed our team of professional graphic designers (who have collectively designed thousands of signs) to see what they consider to be the best fonts for sign making. What are the best fonts for signs? The answer depends on a long list of variables including the size of the sign, whether they are used digitally or printed on a physical sign. A survey of professional graphic designers reveals the best fonts for sign making. Choosing the best font for your sign need not be a super-complicated or overwhelming undertaking.

So, what are the best fonts to use for signs? Here are the top 10 fonts that will make your signs stand out and grab people's attention.

Best Fonts For Signs

  1. Helvetica - A classic font that is simple, clean, and easy to read.
  2. Times New Roman - A serif font that is traditional and professional.
  3. Arial - A sans-serif font that is modern and sleek.
  4. Comic Sans - A fun and playful font that is perfect for informal signs.
  5. Impact - A bold and attention-grabbing font that is great for headlines.
  6. Verdana - A versatile and legible font that is perfect for small text.
  7. Georgia - A serif font that is easy to read on screens and in print.
  8. Futura - A modern font that is clean and stylish.
  9. Brush Script - A cursive font that adds a personal touch to your sign.
  10. Copperplate - A sophisticated font that is perfect for upscale businesses.

When choosing a font for your sign, keep in mind the message you want to convey, the audience you are targeting, and the overall aesthetic of your brand. Don't be afraid to experiment with different fonts and combinations until you find the perfect one that fits your needs.

The font you choose for your sign can make a huge impact on how people perceive your business. By using one of these top 10 fonts, you can create eye-catching signs that are sure to grab attention and leave a lasting impression on your customers.


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