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Get Your Eyes All Over The Best Neon Sign Museums From Around The World

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Welcome to the topic Get Your Eyes All Over The Best Neon Sign Museums From Around The World.

Neon lights buzzing, blinking tubes twist to form an infinite number of instantly recognizable icons. Although neon signs are used worldwide, they are particularly associated with the byways of the Western United States. Neon-lit motels, diners, movie theatres, and casinos frequently feature as icons of America in film and photography.

As neon has gone out of favour for commercial use, it has been adopted by avant-garde artists. Like how neon signs transform a city at night, they transform any darkened gallery space or warehouse, where many of these brilliant locations are located.

If your family thrives on experimentation and discovery, inspire their imagination with a visit to one of the country's top neon museums. Continue reading to begin planning your next neon trip.

The Neon Museum, Las Vegas

Easily the most well-known neon museum in the country, the Neon Museum is home to hundreds of restored and undisturbed neon signs from Las Vegas’s colourful history, including signs from defunct casinos such as the Sahara and Stardust, as well as other legendary Sin City locations. While many of the sculptures are no longer illuminated, such as the dozens of placards in the Instagram-friendly boneyard, the galleries have illuminated pieces that make you feel like you're in movies with neon lights.

The Museum of Neon Art

If you're a neon enthusiast — and let's be honest, who isn't? — visiting The Neon Museum of Art in Glendale is a must when in California. This museum delves into the electrical technology, physics, and chemistry topics that create electrifying works of contemporary art. Along with the off-site programming, guests can reserve a classroom on-site to observe expert neon artisans produce neon tubing and even attend a hands-on session to master this unique art form.

The American Sign Museum

A renowned location dedicated to the American history of signs and sign creation is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. After admiring over a century of American masterpieces on exhibit at The American Sign Museum, stroll down its storefront-lined Main Street, which recreates a typical block in Any-Town USA, complete with shop windows brimming with sign-related relics from the back. The damaged classic, the presentation brings these signs back to life before they were lost forever.

The Lost Highway Museum

As a private collection, the Lost Highway Museum was and continues to be a unique approach to neon display. Hang porcelain, point-of-purchase, and display signage from decades ago. David Webb, the owner of these incredible neon objects, has been adding to his collection for years, usually not accessible to the public. If he is at home (and has the time), he has been known to provide people viewing privileges to vintage televisions, arcade games, child rides, and other unique items of curiosity.

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