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Bright Green Neon Signs
Green is a refreshing and revitalizing colour. Green makes for killer neon signs glow. Especially when matched with a colour that complements it. For your apartment walls cool white and green look awesome together. A red and green glow commands attention. Great combo for a shopfront open sign.
Neon signs could add so much to almost any space you put them in. That said, green neon signs can be a little intimidating when it comes to interior spaces. Neon green is an outlier in a world of white walls. It’s an appetizing and invigorating colour you choose to mix up that makes a space beautiful. Green's a soothing colour that will help you feel a relaxed mood when you’re prepping dinner for a party at home.
If you’re lucky enough to have an indoor-outdoor flow at home, hanging a green neon sign is a great choice. Imagine you and your friends sitting around your table at night all bathed in a green neon glow. It'd be an awesome relaxed nature vibe.

How to choose colours that work with a bright green neon sign

Once you’ve decided on a green neon, the next step is deciding whether you want accent colours to go with your green. Colour theorists believe green, purple, and blues please the eye because of their association with foliage, sky, and water.
 analogous colours green in colour wheel
On the colour wheel, green sits between yellow and blue this makes them analogous. Analogous colours might not be the right combination for your space. They are a popular choice worth considering. Don't worry because we're mixing light here not paint you’ll never go wrong... You might think that green and pink neon might throw an ugly brown hue. But it won't light is additive, it works like your tv screen, if you add too much colour you get white. So don't be afraid even the boldest of colour combinations work in neon.

What readymade neon signs are best in green?

We've got a readymade green dinosaur that's a real crowd-pleaser with the kids. But so many of our designs would work well in neon green. Popular phrases like ”Hustle", "Welcome to the jungle,” and “Stay Wild,” all look great in green.
green neon
If you want to go the custom route, send us your ideas and we'll help you to make it happen.
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