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Custom-Made Channel Letters for Your Business

A tried-and-true element in successful business signage, Channel Letters offer many advantages for those seeking cost-effective, memorable ways to communicate via long-lasting signage. Neon Nights have unmatched expertise in designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining these highly customizable, extremely vivid, and long-lasting signage elements.

We can fabricate channel letters for you in almost any font or graphical shape, in almost any size, colour, texture, or style to suit your message, brand, and purpose.

Face or Halo Lit

Choose from Face Lit or Halo Lit channel letters. We’re experts at both. “Face Lit” letters glow from the front of the sign. “Halo Lit” letters glow from the rear, effectively outlining your message in light against a suitably contrasting background.

As you can see in our portfolio, channel letter signage displayed in front of a solid colour background can be easily visible and highly recognizable across the street, across a parking light, or across a large interior space. Since there is effectively no limit on the size of channel letters, there’s equally no limit on the distance they can project your message.

Whether we’re using state-of-the-art LED technology or more traditional lighting, we know how to illuminate your channel letter signage to its best advantage:

Face lit or front-lit letters and numbers shine from inside each fabricated shape, through translucent or open faces, directly toward the public. They make a powerful impression because the image is made from pure light.

Halo lit or reverse-lit channel letters are opaque in front. Instead, their light shines out from the rear of each letter or number, aimed to illuminate a suitable backdrop. The viewer sees a dark letter or number dramatically outlined with light.

Front or Back Illumination

Neon Nights can also combine these basic technologies to create channel letters illuminated both in front and in back. With proper attention to good design, the result can be very powerful, as the various sources of light make the channel letters vividly “pop” out from the background.

Another approach to channel letter design is to cut out the shapes of the letters and numbers, opening “negative spaces” all the way through a solid piece of material. These openings allow sunlight or artificial light to create light-filled images of the letters and numbers, making for powerful and dramatic impressions.

The brightness and three-dimensionality of channel letter signage capture every viewer’s attention and make possible a strong statement of the brand, message, and purpose.

Although channel letters are commonly made from lightweight materials such as aluminium or plastic, there are many different approaches we can take to execute your design. Outdoors, we specify durable materials easily able to withstand sun, wind, rain, and snow. Indoors, we work with a range of lighter-weight, less-costly materials that make full use of colour and texture to boldly convey your desired message.

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