Are Neon Signs Dangerous?

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Our signs are low voltage and produce very little heat, making them safe to touch even after a week! We also have no glass in our product because we use LED Neon. They have a rubber hose-like feel to them, and all signs are bonded to an acrylic backing that is, for the most part, resistant to breakage.

In the event that your LED neon sign is damaged. The acrylic backing will most likely split, as the silicone tube that holds the LEDs is nearly tough to break open. It won’t shatter like regular neon, which is a glass tube that can be dangerous if it breaks. Traditional neon signs are not recommended for use in children’s rooms, but our LED neon signs are a totally safe alternative.

Are neon signs environmentally friendly?

LEDs are less harmful to the environment than mercury or argon, which are commonly used in neon signs. The use of our led neon flex is the most environmentally friendly component. LEDs use extremely little power when compared to standard neon. Traditional glass Neon signs are not dangerous, but they can be. Neon is a gas that is often called an inert gas because it doesn’t react with other elements. This means it won’t cause fires or explosions, which can happen with flammable materials like propane and ether. However, neon does contain mercury, which can be hazardous to people if it’s released into the environment in large quantities.

Are neon signs safe to use?

Yes. Our neon signs made using a new modern LED neon flex tube are not the traditional glass tube.

Advantages of LED Neon Flex include:

  • Uses next to no heat when turned on
  • No gas or risk of glass breaking like the traditional neon signs
  • Can easily be plug into a standard outlet
  • Safe for indoor and bedrooms
  • Energy efficient

Safety Guidelines for Neon Signs: What You Need To Know

Please inspect the cord before using it to see whether there are any breaks, damage, cracks, or burns. If the cord is damaged, Do not plug the sign into a power source. We strongly advise you to use a power board with overload protection. Unless stated otherwise, Neon signs are only meant to be used indoors. While neon signs are connected to power, they should not be handled. If your neon sign breaks, turn it off and contact us.

Children should not be allowed to handle neon signs, nor should they be placed in areas where the cable could entangle them, such as near their beds or cribs. When signs are connected to a power source, it is advised that children and dogs be supervised. Never leave the neon light turned on unattended. To put it another way, remember to turn it off before you leave the premises. We do not recommend installing neon lights near heat or in areas where they will be exposed to water or damp conditions.

Follow Electrical Safety Guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We strongly advise you to use a power board with overload protection Unless stated otherwise, Neon signs are only meant to be used indoors. We do not recommend installing the Neon Sign near heat or in areas where it will be exposed to water or damp conditions. We do not recommend installing Neon Signs near heat or in areas where it will be exposed to water or damp conditionsAre our LED neon signs prone to breakages? Are our LED neon signs prone to breakages? Our LED neon signs are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last for years. However, like any other product, they may be prone to breakages if not used or installed properly. Do I need a front protection plate? This is only relevant to Neon. The front protection plate is useful if your Neon hangs within reach in a public space and customers/visitors could bump into it or touch it out of curiosity. Because high voltage flows through your Neon, no one should touch the diodes when they are turned on. Silicone caps cover the diodes, but these are removable. To protect the Neon, the front protection plate should be installed in a room/corridor with a lot of traffic. To protect third parties, a front protection plate should be installed in a public room. I would like to see a preview/mock-up of what your sign will look like! No problem, we can provide a visualisation of all signs with your custom design. For that, we need a fully specified project request from you. How safe is LED neon signs? Our LED neon signs are only 12V so run at a much safer voltage than traditional neon. Because of its low output voltage, no heat will be generated on the outer surface even after long hours of operating. .

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