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Are neons tubes bent by hand?

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Yes, all our neon lights are handmade. For this reason, every sign will be unique. Sometimes there are small marks on the acrylic or glue marks where the PVC tube holding flexible LED has been attached to the acrylic. In the rare instance that the marks are evident they are always minor and not visible when the sign is turned on.

Led Neon Tubing Diameters or Size:

Neon tubing comes in various diameters depending upon the application. Neon tube diameter is calculated in millimetres. 6 or 8 mm for use in indoor signs. Outdoor signs are not made with new flex. Outdoor signs are custom formed this allows not only for waterproofing. Exterior signs can have a variable width. Perfect for fonts with a shifting stroke weight.

Smaller neon tube diameters are easier to bend into written words but are not as easy to read from a distance.

Larger tube diameters are more visible from a distance. More effective as storefront signs, but cannot form smaller written words.

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