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How do you connect power supply?

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Unsure of how to connect your power supply or just want to make sure you're doing it right? Watch this video, it helps! power supply disconnected.

Prefer step-by-step instructions? These should help you get a great result:

1) Clear off a clean, flat work surface. Ideally, the surface should be larger than the size of your sign.

2) Examine the scores (pre-fold lines) on your unassembled box. One-by-one, fold over each of the scores on all parts of the box completely towards the interior, then release it back to flat on the table, interior facing up.

3) Fold up the front and back flaps, positioning their tuck flaps along the side of the box as much as possible. Brace the back in place lightly as you complete the next step.

4) Bring up the sidewalls of your box by folding the left and right side flaps over the tuck flaps, then snap them into place at the same moment. This ensures a very symmetrical, even structure where the lock tabs are equally snug.

The key visual to know it's right is when the tops of the side walls are flat, not slanted or peaked.

5) You can now add your contents, close the lid and tuck the side flaps into the space left in the side walls to lock it shut.

The result should be a nice sturdy, locked box.

If something is off and the box just does not close smoothly, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help!

How many power supplies do I need?

LED Neon signs usually require one transformer. Large signs with a lot of neon tubes often will require a second transformer. We will provide you with the right size and amount of transformers to power your sign these will be included in the package.

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