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How does the Neon App work?

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How does the Neon App work?
Our Neon App takes you through three key steps. 1. Upload your design or choose from a standard font. 2. Add the size and colour details. 3. Choose the construction style and electrical options that will suit your requirements. Once you have configured your neon, you can check out online and we will start the production. Afterwards, we will send your neon to your address.
What size does the Neon app show me?
The configuration always shows you the total size. If you have selected a background, you will always be shown the background size. The Neon will then be 10 cm smaller than the background. Thus, the backplate protrudes 5 cm to all sides.
I cannot enter my desired size!
Please note that only height or width can be entered. The neon app will automatically scale the other value so that your design always has the correct format. If you have any further problems, please contact us

Sometimes it's difficult to imagine what your neon sign will look like in real life. Or perhaps you're not sure which colour you'd like for your custom LED neon sign. You can't decide which will look best in your space. Don't worry, our designers will send you a mock-up before we complete your design, so you can make sure your sign is exactly what you want!

What if I don’t like the fonts that you offer?

No worries! You are very welcome to provide your own design/font and we will replicate that for you. Just fill out the form above and send us a message for inquiry.

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