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How big should my sign be?

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What should I use as a reference measurement?

When you request pricing for a different sizes, use the width of the sign as the reference measurement. We will scale your design proportionally, so that the width will match the measurement you give us.

Is there a minimum size that you need to work to?

We work to a minimum letter height of 6cm, although we find that letters 10cm or larger do tend to look neater and have more definition. Minimum sign size of 50cm in width, and usually work up to 300cm wide – feel free to contact our customer support team with additional questions

How far away will the letters on my neon sign be readable?

As general rule of thumb, for each centimetres of letter height, your letters will be legible up to 46 metres away. The following chart shows some standard letter heights and their maximum readable distances.

Letter HeightMax. Readable
10 cm46 m
12 cm58 m
15 cm69 m
20 cm92 m
25 cm115 m
30 cm138 m
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