How Much Does a Custom Neon Sign Cost?

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As a long-lasting, eye-catching choice, neon will give you a great bang for your buck. Our custom made neon signs start at just $250 and pricing varies depending on size and design complexity. Generally, neon signs cost between $250 -$1200. For accurate pricing contact our customer support team with your design and size.

The price for custom LED neon signs starts at $290NZD for a sign with two letters. Our handmade LED neon signs are affordable and we are very competitive on price! In addition to great prices, our experienced team also offers unparalleled customer support, from the design stage through to delivery and aftercare.

They are not cheap. It's true.
Costing between $290 and $4000 It's a lot of money.
Especially for a sign.
Yes, we could make them cheaper.
But if we did that, they'd be cheap.
They wouldn't last as long as they do.
They wouldn't be made of the best materials on the planet.
They wouldn't come in any size or be custom made to suit your needs, perfectly.
They wouldn't be as bright.

They wouldn't be Neon Nights.

So, it's safe to say.
Neon Nights will never be cheap.
And that's a good thing.
Because you'll always get what you pay for.

Trust Neon Nights with your custom sign project

If you want to learn more about custom neon letter signage costs request a quote it's free. You can trust Neon Nights to manufacture any type of signage you require. We have years of experience in the signage industry. We strive to exceed industry standards by providing our clients with superior signage solutions. Pricing depends on the size, how complex the design is and how many metres of the light tubes will be used in production.Great question. The price depends on your design, the dimensions and the length of the LED tube used to create your masterpiece. To find out the exact price of your custom LED Neon Sign, you can submit your design here and we will get back to you ASAP with a custom quote.

Does the price of my order include duties and taxes?Yes all shipping, duties and taxes are included in the prices we quote. We don't accept tax-exempt orders.How much does it cost for a neon sign? The cost of a neon sign will vary depending on the size, complexity, and design of the sign. A small, simple sign may cost as little as $250, while a large, complex sign can cost several thousand dollars. How much does a small neon sign cost? A small neon sign may cost as little as $250. Why are neon signs so expensive? Neon signs are expensive because they require a lot of materials and labour to create. Neon signs are made by combining gas with a metal, which requires a lot of energy to produce. In addition, the glass tubes used in neon signs are fragile and can be difficult to transport. Why are led neon signs so expensive? LED neon signs are expensive because they require a lot of materials and labour to create. LED neon signs are made by combining light-emitting diodes with a flexible, transparent material. In addition, the LEDs are mounted on a circuit board, which can be difficult to transport.

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