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How to hang neon sign on wall?

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All our neon signs include pre-drilled holes on the acrylic backing for mounting. The neon signs can be easily be mounted on any wall with included screws.

Can I get an LED neon light that will stand up without needing to be wall mounted? There are pre-drilled holes on the clear contour acrylic backing, so the neon sign can be easily mounted on any wall with nails or screws.Absolutely, we have several options available: Neon lights, lamps and sculptures in a clear acrylic box; Neon lights, lamps and sculptures with an acrylic base to allow for stand-up signs. Your neon sign just arrived and aren’t confident on how to hang it. Let’s walk you through it.

Indoor neon signs arrive ready to hang and plug into your electrical outlet. Chains allow you to hang your sign practically anywhere – in a window or against the wall. Screws and Standoffs for wall mounting are also included.

Hanging hardware, chains, and power cords are standard. We can design and produce neon for inside and outside applications, contact us with your needs.What level of installation is required? All signs marked with “plug & play” require no electrical installation, only mechanical installation of the wall or other location. Other signs require some level of electrical installation and therefore we recommend a qualified technician. Neon Nights can provide this service, you can request this at the point of order or after purchase. Request installation. Are there specific instructions for the Neon direct to wall installation? Yes! For electrical Neon installations, we have created specific guidelines. What are the installation options? We offer all signs in a variety of configurations, for wall installation, hanging (from the ceiling) and standing. For wall installation, you can choose either indoor or outdoor and we will provide the correct mounting feature. Our signs can be installed on most wall surfaces. You just need to purchase (we do not provide) the suitable screws and plugs. For specialist surfaces such as glass, it is possible but requires a more specialist installation (glass specialist). Indoor standing signs are suitable for any even surface. We must anchor outdoor standing signs. Can Neon Nights install my signage for me? Yes! Get in touch with one of our professional installation teams. Outside of New Zealand, we are happy to help find the right partner.How does the installation service work? Simply fill out our installation request form. We will get back to you with the corresponding prices for your installation and a date proposal. Billing is per hour and will be invoiced after the completion of the work.Sign Installation guide You have 3 options: – Mount it to the wall – Hang it from the ceiling – Use 3M Stripes Alternatively, if you cannot mount or hang your sign, we can offer you a stand option. See examples of how to hang your sign here.


How to install led neon sign

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