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What are the different backing materials available for neon lights?

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Can you print on an acrylic board? What are the backboard options? led neon signs are mounted on a clear, acrylic backboard. We offer two standard backing options at no extra cost: For cursive fonts - choose the cut around /contoured acrylic backing. For non-cursive/basic fonts - choose the rectangle acrylic backing. We also offer a cut-to-the-letter acrylic backboard option, as well as acrylic stands and boxes. If you would like a coloured backboard, please contact us for a quote. What's a backing colour? The back dipping paint applies to the areas of the neon glass tube that should not glow. For example, in between letters. This is also known as block out paint or masking paint. This ensures the neon text is readable, or we kept the design as desired. All our signs are mounted on high quality acrylic. We currently offer 3 different backing options for our signs. Details for each of these options are listed below.

Clear Acrylic

Our standard backing option works well when you need to be able to see out of the window where your sign will hang. Clear acrylic will allow natural light to through the sign. Electrical components are more noticeable. The neon tubing more subtle then compared with black

Gloss Black Acrylic

Gloss black is the most visible this makes it a good choice for neon advertising signs. This is because of the high contrast between black backing material and the neon tubes. All electrical components will blend in and be out of sight with this option.

UV Printed Acrylic

Your logo, photo or design can be printed on the backing. This is a great option when you want to add images or graphic elements that aren't workable using neon tube. UV printed signs will look great even when the lights off. Remember this option adds 2 days to the production time of your order.

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