What choices affect my pricing?

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Neon pricing is generally a mix of this six factors:

  • Dimensions  (are the most influential measurement in pricing)
  • Length of neon tube (how much neon is needed to make your design)
  • Material (premium UV printed backings results in a higher price)
  • Quantity (higher quantities = significant unit cost savings)
  • Add on options (options like water resistance or dimmers result in a higher price)

If you have questions about pricing or choices that can affect your order, our customer support team is happy to help!

Is the price affected by the number of colours used in my design?

No, so feel free to channel your inner Picasso to create as colourful a neon masterpiece as you like. The number of colours used in your design will no effect on price. It’s the total length of neon tube required to make the sign. That is a factor in our pricing.

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