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What flashing options do you offer?

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Flashing neon’s attract more attention. So if you like that sort of thing check out the flashing options available listed below

Entire Sign Flashing

This option allows your entire sign to Flash at a preset rate, and features the replacement of the standard power supply on your sign with a Flashing Power Supply.  This option must be added when the sign is purchased, and will allow the sign to also be steady on if necessary.

Independent Flashing Section

This option allows only part of your sign to flash, by adding an additional flashing power supply which is connected to only a certain section of neon tubing. This option is very useful to make only the graphic flash, leaving the text as steady on.  This option must be added when the sign is purchased, and will also allow the flashing section to be changed to steady on.

External Flashing Unit

Our external flashing unit is a great way to quickly add a flashing option to any neon sign. This unit can be purchased at the same time as the sign, or as an add-on purchase at a later time. This Flasher has a speed control knob (not available on the above options) that will allow you to control the flashing speed.  You may also plug two neon signs into the unit at once, and have them flash in unison, or alternating, by using the built in control switch.

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