Can a broken neon sign be repaired?

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My neon has a fault, can you help?

If you brought your sign through our website or store we are happy to look into any issues for you. Please provide all details about the fault, images when emailing. If you made your purchase from one of our customers, we would advise you return your product(s) to the shop they were bought from.

When the LEDs stop working is the sign is done?

The Lifetime of the neon tube is 40,000 hours. If after that period LEDs are worn out but the acrylic board is still in good condition the tubes on the sign could be replaced.

How to rewire a your neon signs power supply?

If your light has stopped working. You may want to check wether it’s a lose Uire or a broken power supply. The cable we use is thin. This makes it less visible but sometimes the cables fall out or break at the terminals. Unplug the sign before you start working on it. Check the cables are tightly secured in their terminals. Watch this video from 1:20 seconds. We explain how to safely wire the sign. to wire an LED Neon Power Supply

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