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Which acrylic cut style do you recommend?

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Our rectangle cut style has rounded edges these are not only easier on the eyes but also make the sign strongest structurally. Rectangle cut style is the most durable, making it the best choice for events, trade-shows or any situation where the sign will be moved regularly.

Our contour cut style is the most popular choice.

We recommend rectangle and contour cut styles to prevent making a fragile sign. We ask customers to avoid the cut to letter styles.

Consider the weight of the neon tubes on the acrylic backboard when designing the layout of your sign. The weight of the neon tube should be well distributed across the sign to make it strong.

The acrylic backboard can be fragile when laying flat if one side is lifted without supporting the other the acrylic backboard may break. To reduce the tension of the acrylic backing, always carry signs upright.

Long rectangle word signs with large gaps between words are fragile it is recommended designs like this are divided into several smaller signs.

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