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Get golden! What gold neon signs glow best & is it the right choice for your decor? | Neon Nights

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How to decorate with a gold neon sign

These are the most popular ways to decorate with gold neon signs. Neon signs pair well with striking murals and wallpapers. You can also use a gold infinity mirror to create a beautiful reflection. You can combine it with various materials like wood to create a textured effect. We often wear gold neon on display windows for a lux retail theme.

What is gold neon?

Gold neon emits a golden glow that makes your space feel cosier than other neon signs. It is impossible to compare striving for gold, the highest achievement on earth to anything else. Brighten up your interior design with a gold neon sign. The only question is what to get in gold and where will you hang it?

Tips for choosing the right gold neon sign

So many of the bulbs already in your home have gold hues, and that's because warm light brings warmth and richness to anything under its hazy glow. If you work out at home, try a golden neon sign. A bright gold sign might just give you that extra oomph you need to best your reps in kettlebell squats.

How to combine your golden neon ideas and come out with a winner

There are so many LED neon signs that will look gorgeous in gold, made with yellow gold in mind. Gold is that yellow neon light tailor-made to highlight the positive qualities in any existing colour palette. Increase the saturation of all blue, green, and pink tones. Any room and give the whole environment a bit of gold dust glow.

Inside or outdoors

Consider your space and where you are planning to put the sign. You'll want to decide whether it will place the sign inside or outside. For inside spaces, we recommend choosing a dimmer so that you can adjust the brightness. Outside signs are more expensive if you're a small business. Consider hanging your sign in an interior window and go for an indoor sign.


Place the sign where it is seen most

Place your sign in an area with high foot traffic. Go with a black acrylic backboard as the sign will be easier to see during the day.

Choosing the right gold neon sign for your space.

A great way to start your search is by taking a walk around the local area and seeing what catches your attention. Ask them if they have any recommendations on the best gold neon signs.

Compare the prices.

It is helpful to know what sort of sign is in your budget. You can start by visiting our shop to get an idea of the prices of different neon signs of various sizes and styles.

Gold neon signs in the home

You can incorporate gold neon signs as a part of your home décor. Gold neon signs are an ideal way to add colour, light and interest to wall murals. Inside, we often place gold neon at the entrance of a home. Gold neon is popular for kitchens and can be hung as a wall light or under cabinet lighting.


Gold neon signs for businesses

Gold neon is a popular choice for businesses because it works well with various décor elements. Often gold is one of the brand's colours chosen by the business owner. Here are some examples of how you can use gold neon signs as a part of your business décor. Gold neon makes for unique murals. Use the sign to express your brand messages. You can also sign to create a referral strategy. You can place your signs on plain painted walls or over wallpaper and titles for a textured effect. Dark colours can be a good background choice for a neon sign because they improve contrast. You can also hang a sign on a window to attract onlookers inside. Gold neon signs are prominent for creating photo walls. Gold neon signs are significant for hotels and offices. Creating corridor lights or welcoming guests at your entrance. 3D channel letters and outdoor neon are good choices for exterior applications.

Temporary or a permanent fixture

It is also wise to consider how often you are planning to use the neon sign if it is temporary or permanent. The more you are going to use it, the more important it becomes to choose the right one.

Rules are made for breaking

You can place signs on any wall that is visible through the glass. Hanging on an interior wall out of view can cause particle interest. When only the glow can be seen from the street people who want to read the sign may come inside to see it.

Child safety

It is important to keep in mind that neon signs are considered a child safety hazard. You need to keep a safe distance from the neon sign and ensure that your children do not climb or play near the sign. If you are keeping a neon sign as a part of your business décor, ensure that you keep it out of reach.


Is a gold neon sign worth it?

You might choose gold neon signs for their affordability and durability. But, the gold colour is not dazzling and it can look dull in some conditions. It is also possible that the colour of your walls may not match the colour of the gold neon sign, which can be an issue. This can be a problem, especially in larger rooms where the walls are white. I recommend it to try a few different colours before choosing the right one for your space. Place it against a contrasting background for the best effect.
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