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Retail signs that make sales easy

As all retailers know, you pay high rents for a retail space with good foot traffic. But foot traffic won’t boost your sales if it stays on the footpath. To make the most of your site and turn the location into revenue, you need a shop front that informs and entices within seconds. Refreshing your retail signage is an excellent way to renew interest in your business. We will guide you through our extensive range, including full colour digitally printed graphics, premium vinyl lettering and 3D signage. Whether you are a local independent trader or part of a national retail group, we deliver retail signs that entice, inform and bring people through your door.

The best retail shopfronts:

  1. inform people who you are, what you do and when you do it
  2. entice people to enter the store
  3. reinforce the perceived value of your products
  4. use stylistic components that support the attitude and feel of the store
  5. are easily seen and understood by both pedestrians and drivers
  6. change regularly to keep people engaged with your business

Refreshing your retail signage is an excellent way to renew interest in your business

Good signs don’t stop at the door

In-store advertising is a powerful way to influence purchasing decisions and create or grow spur-of-the-moment sales. As part of a cohesive strategy, you can use in-store retail signs to:
When you work with Neon Nights you can expect:

  • educate customers about product features
  • suggest ways that customers can make the most of your products
  • suggest products that work well together and may be found elsewhere in the store
  • present information about the value of your price point
  • introduce new products and offers
  • remind customers about popular products
  • promote sales and seasonal events

suggest additional purchases at the point-of-sale

Contrasting colours can help your sign really stand out

These contrasting colours help the signage letters really stand out. The use of frosted letters looks modern and professional. Sometimes, additional window signage can make your storefront look busy and may cause a bit of “information overload.

Illuminated signs look great indoors too

This storefront also makes use of temporary signage when the store is closed, by showcasing awesome, rustic menu signs that will help customers know what’s available before the store even opens.

Why Choose Letter Signage For Your Store?

Now that you have seen a few different letter signage options, you may be wondering if this is the right choice for your business.

3D channel letter signs for outside your store

We offer a wide range of signage services, including custom-made signs for your business, installation, and maintenance. Every business needs a sign.


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