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How Much Does a Custom Business Sign Cost? - Neon Nights

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In this post, we'll answer the question “how much does a custom business sign cost,” as well as how they compare to other illuminated signage options. Several factors will affect the final price of your neon sign.

The Complexity of the Design

As with anything the bigger the scale you go the more it will cost. If you want to add images or logos to your sign, the price will go up. Signs built for the exterior add some extra too. It's a good idea to think about what you need, where you are at and discuss the priorities and budget with our team. That way you'll invest what you are willing to... we can increase that as your business grows. There's no question that signage is a great investment and will pay for itself many times over but every business and entrepreneur is at a different stage. Designing a solution that helps you makes our job interesting and worthwhile.

There are many different types and prices of storefront signs

Pylon signs will vary widely in price depending on their size and materials used. You will often see pylon signs at shopping centres, grocery stores, and large organizations such as hospitals.

How much does a business sign cost? 

A pylon sign is more expensive because it needs to be built sturdy Monument signs are a popular type of business sign. Monument signs are smaller than pylon signs so they usually cost less For more complex decals and visuals, you may pay up to $1000 or more. Vehicle business signage is a more cost-effective option and a good choice for businesses that are constantly on the road or provide at-home services or delivery. Awning signs can not only add a traditional look to the front of your business, but they can also protect your customers from the outside elements. For a larger, more complex sign made with higher-quality materials, you may see similar pricing to LED signs - with prices ranging from $10,000 or more.

LED Alternative to Neon

If you like the look of neon signs, but you would like something a little more durable and longer-lasting, you can now get flexible LED tube lights these look like neon but are resistant to water and humidity. Led neon has All the brilliant colours that you get from neon signs including red, orange, and intense shades of pink. We offer 12 colour choices as well as RGB (colour changing)

Digital Signs

Digital signs are another form of illuminated signage. A digital sign is a large screen that can be programmed to display almost any form of message, just like a computer screen.

Other Illuminated Sign Options

There are many different illuminated sign options and like neon signs, their cost ranges greatly depending on their size, material, and complexity. Digital signs can start at about $5,000 and go well over $100,000. Backlit signs are also called lightbox signs or cabinet signs. An internal light source will illuminate one or more translucent panels of the backlit sign.

Backlit signs make excellent storefront signs and are often seen at schools, churches, gas stations, restaurants, and bars.

Getting More From the Business Sign ROI Calculator

Signs cost money. So before you commit your business to get a new or updated sign, it’s natural and prudent to ask whether the expenditure will be a worthwhile one.

Fortunately, you can get the answer from our unique and exclusive.

But like any computerized tool, the answer you get out of it is only as accurate as of the information you put into it. To make the Calculator easier and faster for most business owners and managers to use, we’ve built it with some generic information already in place.

These data include a generic estimate of the costs involved – including the necessary Permits and approvals, average figures for electricity usage and costs, the typical traffic volume (vehicular, public transit, and pedestrian) for the primary thoroughfares exposed to your sign’s message, and even some expected revenue and gross margin details reflecting extra sales the signage might produce.

Obviously, the real-world figures concerning your business signage – and the sales it helps produce – are likely to vary considerably from these rough estimates and averages.

Obtain A More Accurate Analysis

So as you progress farther into the concept of calculating your new or updated signage’s ROI, it’s natural that you’ll want a more accurate result from our Business Sign R.O.I. Calculator. It’ll give that to you, too, provided you take a few minutes to dig up more accurate information for it to crunch. For example:

  • Grab some recent utility bills and pull out the actual rates you pay for power.
  • Start here to calculate the actual hourly or daily traffic volume that will pass by your new or updated sign.
  • Talk with the financial people in your organization to get accurate numbers for the average size of a sale and the associated profit margin you can expect from people who respond to your new or updated sign.
You’ll benefit greatly if you talk with a signage expert – we’ll be happy to help – to more accurately estimate details like:
  • How much you can expect to pay for your new or upgraded sign,
  • How much you’re likely to pay for the necessary business signage Permits and approvals in your location.
  • How much power it will consume for every hour of operation.

Costs are complicated to estimate accurately, of course, because they depend so much on myriad design choices and technical issues associated with your new or updated signage, not the least of which will be the size and type of illumination it contains.

Your expert(s) will also be able to:

  • Guide you in determining what other factors may be important contributors to overall costs and savings.
  • Offer suggestions and ideas on how to develop accurate numbers to reflect “how many” and “what type” of extra sales your new or upgraded signage may produce.
Once you assemble and input data this detailed and accurate, you’ll find the Business Sign R.O.I. The calculator provides startlingly in-depth results.

You can go through this process on your own, of course, or you can let us help you set up the Calculator to provide you with the more accurate answers you seek.

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