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How to build a neon sign?

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Welcome to the topic How to build a neon sign.

The buying list for a DIY LED neon sign is far shorter than one might think. You'll need the following items:

  1. RGB and RGBW neon flex lights are two types of LED neon flex lights. If you want your neon sign to have a larger range of colors, the RGBW is a perfect option.
  1. The surface on which your signs will be displayed is referred to as the base or substrate. It might be made of wood, expanded PVC, or even a wall.
  1. How to wire a neon sign: Cut the LED neon flex lights to the size of your sign’s design with wire cutters.
  1. Conductor wire with a thickness of 20 gauge is appropriate.

What you'll need:

  • Thread
  • An iron for soldering
  • Drilling with a handheld device
  • Adhesive

When it comes to the design of your sign, using bendable LED neon flex lights allows you a lot of freedom. They can be chopped into different lengths to make whatever form you choose. Consider some quotes, such as quotes for plant lovers, before you begin to make your design more appealing.

You can hand-draw your sign sketch on the substrate or use alternative ways like CAD or illustration software. Because LED neon flex lights are jacketed and hence slightly thick, make sure to space your letters appropriately.

Additionally, all of the lights must be connected to a circuit in order to function. Each chopped part must be joined to the one before it. As a result, if your sign includes a written statement, a cursive font is recommended.

After you've gathered everything you'll need, it's time to put your LED neon light sign together. Step-by-step instruction is provided below which will assist you in doing so.

  • Place the sketch of a sign on a work surface.
  • Outline the sketch with the thread to determine the approximate length of LED neon flex lights you'll require.
  • Cut a section of the LED neon flex lights using the estimate – there will likely be markers on the light strip to inform you on where you may cut. Lights could be damaged if cuts are made in the wrong places.
  • Make a cut every time you run the length of a letter or form on the sketch with the LED neon flex lights.
  • Drill holes - the holes should be drilled at the end of each strip, where it joins the next.

Each time you cut, an edge of wire in the light strip was exposed, so solder the conductor wire between each piece of LED neon flex lights. Solder the connecting wire to the connecting wire.

Conceal the connection by guiding the soldering wire to the back of the substrate and threading it back out at the next letter/shape each time you solder a connection. The connections at the base/substrate are so hidden.

Fix the LED neon flex lights in place using glue.

Turn on your sign and enjoy once all sections are securely and safely linked to the power source.

Have any questions regarding the topic How to build a neon sign? Feel Free to comment below.

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