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Neon signs continue to be popular, and not just at concerts and restaurants. Popular in game rooms, garages, man caves, cocktail bars, and kitchens. Neon signs are striking and can transform any space in an instant, becoming the focal point.

Which part of vibrant neon signage is your favourite? Our favourite thing about it is the freedom it affords us to express ourselves. Opt for a sign that actually says ‘you’ in the kitchen rather than the sign. It might be a statement about your life's philosophy. A message to friends and family about your food philosophy or a general welcome to guests in your kitchen.

What is your favourite aspect of colourful neon signs? We can express ourselves and do so through it. Customers want a range of different signs for their kitchens. Some request a specific phrase, while others request a single word related to food or eating. Neon signs evoke the ambience of a typical bar, and you can replicate part of that devilish mood in your kitchen or dining room. Accept nothing less than basic dinners and dull kitchens - dare to showcase your home’s most attractive characteristics by illuminating them with neon lights and eating in the glow of their vibrant light. Blue is a very common colour choice for neon kitchen lighting. But do not assume that your neon kitchens aren’t confined to a single hue.

Neon Signs for Kitchens

Customers want a variety of different kitchen signs; some want a specific phrase, while others want a single word linked to food or eating. Neon signs show the atmosphere of a bar, and you can recreate that mood in your kitchen or dining room. Illuminate your home’s most desirable features with neon lights and dine in their vibrant radiance.

Add some colour to your kitchen

Modern kitchens are often neutral colours, white, grey, and cream. This is a popular choice because of the ease with which it can change accent colours and styles. Yet, a space filled with neutrals requires a pop of colour, which neon lights provide. Whichever shade of neon sign you choose, it will work in a contemporary, modern, or transitional kitchen. Select an eye-catching wall, opposite the breakfast bar or visible from the dining area and kitchen.

How to decorate your kitchen with neon signs?

We often refer to kitchens as the heart of the home. It’s true that many surveys show how critical the kitchen is to the value of your home. As a result, it appeals to buyers when you come to sell, as well as impresses your guests, family, and visitors. So most people believe a stylish kitchen is very important. If you are looking to redecorate your kitchen without spending a fortune, we have a few tips to help you make a plan. You’ll also learn how to add colour to your kitchen using neon signs.

Experts recommend a 3-colour palette when choosing your kitchen colour scheme.

Colour 1: Work with the existing colour of your kitchen units, kitchen worktops, and island.

Colour 2: Pick a neutral shade of your choice to use as the new kitchen wall colour and a backdrop for more bold shades.

Colour 3: This is where you can get bold and creative with colours.

Make your kitchen unique with bold and unexpected colours that work with your worktop, cabinets and neutral shade palette. This colour will add some much-needed pop to your kitchen and make a real design statement. You can add artwork, kitchen accessories, and even a bright LED neon sign to contrast against the neutral tones. A helpful tip when starting out choosing your shades is to get paint swatches from your local DIY store. Mix them around until you find the combination of the 3 colours you like best.

Decorate your kitchen on eye-level first

When we look at what you can improve to have the most impact on the look and feel of our kitchens. The first thing to do is to think about decorating your kitchen walls. This could include wallpaper, paint, artwork, or stylish LED neon lights with slogans or images.

Kitchen neon signs are a focal point

Make the first wall you see as you enter the kitchen a focal point. This could include painting the wall a bold shade. Hanging a neon light with a quote or striking image. Or by using bright patterned or textured wallpaper.

Kitchen Feature Wall

You can mix these ideas when you already have the focal point. Another option could be to add a feature wall to another part of the kitchen. The coolest neon signs for kitchen walls. At Neon Nights, you can design your own custom neon sign with any quote or image you like.

Decorate your Kitchen Shelves

On top of the 3 colour scheme, and the focal point, you can add further layers of texture and intrigue by adding open shelving. This can be done by using kitchen cookbooks, ornaments, and plants. Using at least some open shelving instead of wall cupboards is a recent trend in kitchen interiors. It makes a statement and creates a more spacious, airy and light aesthetic. The great thing is that this is yet another simple and cheap way to update the look of your kitchen space. One option could be to have a standing neon lamp sign that does not need to be hung on the wall to add an extra pop of colour.

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