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How to Design a Sign for Your Business

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How to Design a Sign for Your Business

Get the most out of your business sign investment by devoting time and attention during the sign design process – a critical first step on the path to an office or building sign.

Sign Design is Step One

Everyone knows a commercial sign is an important multi-year investment in your business. Whether it’s an outdoor sign or an indoor sign, the first step of the process is sign design. An expert design team should work with you to create a sign that:

  • maximizes its advertising and aesthetic values
  • gets your business noticed and
  • supports your company goals and brand.

To design an effective business sign or canopy, you should take into account your company goals and brand, neighbouring signage and the specifics of type, size, colour, lighting, mounting, and location, all while staying within your budget.

Sign design is just the first step of the whole process. Following the design, the procedure is project management, permitting, fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance.

Design a Sign to Maximize Advertising and Aesthetic Values

Because you are designing the sign from step one, you can have it tailored to your business designs whether it’s simple or detailed. Since it is your custom sign, you’ll also be able to pick where it is placed, be it near your establishment or another place of your choosing. Remember, when compared to the cost of advertising other media, a sign is fairly inexpensive considering the benefits it provides.

Design a Sign to Get Your Business Noticed

A custom sign provides positive exposure for your business and gives consumers a personalised image of your business. Consumers will associate your sign with your business and no other, leaving them with a lasting impression. The right design means your sign will be unique to the point where customers and prospects won’t forget it.

Design a Sign that Supports Your Company Goals and Brand

Signs are a great way to communicate to your potential customers all the time. Signs tout your business 24/7. Every time people pass by your sign they’ll see it and the number of times they will see the message your sign boasts will help convey your company goals and brand to a whole new level.

Not sure how to start the process of designing a sign for your company or business? Neon Nights can help.

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