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From what to do with your social media accounts to creating a high-quality website, here are our top tips for leveraging your online interaction to grow your business and drive more online traffic...

Create a Facebook Business Page

Almost 90% of New Zealanders use social media by the age of 15, and in 2015, 80% discovered the latest brands and products on Facebook. 36% continued to discuss the same brand or product online with their peers, highlighting the social media world we live in. Learn how to create a business page here. Once created, you need to make sure you interact with the platform and test what works best for your business.
Some examples include:
One thing to note is that 75% of New Zealand businesses use Facebook pages, while most still run text or anchor ads only. This is no longer the most effective way to use social media. For companies. You can now add videos instead of static images in your Instagram ad.
The video provides animated images that have proven to grab the attention of those browsing their Facebook and Instagram feeds. Customer reviews through social media, websites, or Google Maps listings are critical in building a trustworthy reputation for your online business. It is also an integral part of SEO for the hospitality industry. Positive reviews can provide Google with a powerful signal about the quality of the place that will affect where it ends up in search results.
A more prominent position in local search results is more likely to be seen by users, resulting in a higher click-through rate or physical visits to the website. Of course, start by providing quality service. However, you can invite your visitors to leave a review online by asking them questions via email or on your company's social media channels. Make sure your real customers keep you in mind when they interact online, even when they're away from your store. Seeing the results can show you how effective it is to use social media to maintain and grow your customer base. This will ensure the success of your small business.
Investing in multi-functional equipment expands your business opportunities by increasing the range of products you can offer. For example, being able to serve cold smoothies in addition to standard coffees is a smart way to expand your customer base during the warmer months.

Make sure your product offering is unique.

Evaluate your services to align them with customer needs, even at peak times. It's also a smart idea to stay alert to any comments or suggestions left on your social media pages or staff.

Being happy!

Avoid linking emotions to work. Running the business on your mood can affect your relationship with staff and customers, which can lead to failure.

Keep Everything Fresh

Customers appreciate the feeling of freshness and vitality that accompanies newly developed offerings and/or refurbished facilities. This can include breakfast bars and other easy-to-prepare pastries that customers can enjoy while walking.

Position yourself right

Part of this has to come from smart social media marketing. People want to know who they're buying food from, and you can easily convey your "story" through social media. A big smile and high-quality products set you apart.
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