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How to Decorate Your Home with Neon Lights

Be Brilliant Neon Signs

March 15, 2020

Neon lighting is one of the most underrated forms of illumination out there. Most storefronts have a neon open sign but we often forget about coloured accent lights in our homes. LED lights have been replacing all other forms of lighting. Neon sign have always been popular in the signage industy. Interior designers have welcomed LED neon signs into their sphere. Neon lights are becoming popular accent pieces for enteryways, bedrooms and living rooms.

Preparing your home for neon lights

Neon Lights are often used to create interest in a dark location, beautifying spaces and helping them stand out. Neon lights are effective as accent lights. Brightening up your living space bringing the colours back in the evening. Regardless of your current home decor contemporary or traditional, just a handful of bold neon colours will work wonders. As neon signs cannot be easily ignored, it’s important you strike the right balance when adding colours to your space. Your colour choices will invoke emotions and set the mood for your space.

How to pair neon colours to get the right look

When choosing colours for neon signs, you can be clever with your colour combinations. Pair primary colors to create secondary colours where the light overlaps. For example,  a neon sign with red and blue neon tube will throw of a beautiful purple glow. Analogous colours are a safe bet and will always look beautiful. 

Complementary colours like red and green are popular for open signs. For advertising purposes there’s no reason to hold back these pairings certainly to get attention. But avoid pairing complementary colours in your home. Focus on using light to relax the atmosphere.

There are so many ways to decorate your home, from the colour scheme to the smallest accessories. The way you choose to decorate your home is a great reflection of your personal taste. Neon signs for home are a great feature for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, creating a welcoming and personal feel to your house.

Neon signs for the home have become a statement way of decorating, creating an eye-catching light feature to any room you choose. Enhance even the simplest of rooms with a beautiful, bespoke neon sign for your home and create an inviting atmosphere for your family and friends. Choose from whatever design you like; a quote, symbol or even a neon overlay on your favourite family photo.

Add colour and character with a neon sign for home; all you have to do is get in touch with us to let us know your ideas! Our skilled team can work with you to create your special, individual neon sign to enjoy for years to come.

You will find a great range of ready-made neon signs in our 2020 collection which includes some of our favourite neon signs. For something totally custom get a quote