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Learn How to Paint Your Nails Like a Neon Sign - Our New Favourite Manicure

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If you've got teenage girls or feel like one stuck at home during the Covid 19 lockdown. This is a DIY neon nail-art design that should keep you out of trouble for hours. All you need is some nail polish handy.


The effect is amazing! Nails that look like a glowing neon sign in a nightclub.


How to pull off the neon nail polish illusion:


Paint Your Nails Like a Neon Sign


Research neon signs for inspiration and outline your design on your nails

Decide on a design and draw your design on the nail with a pencil.

Get the main colour down

Paint the main neon colour down and paint over top of the design you drew

Next, mix the colour with a clear mixing gel to create a diluted version.

Blend the diluted colour along the outer edges of the colour for the glowing edges.

Once this has dried paint a thin white line over the top of the design.

Wait for the nail to dry again. The nails will look like a glowing neon light.


Now that you know how to create this effect, give it a try at home.

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