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LED Neon

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LED Neon: An Energy-Efficient Alternative to Neon Signs

Faux neon offers a fully customizable, cost-effective, planet-friendly alternative to traditional neon signage. Using energy-efficient LED lights to create the appearance of energy inefficient neon lighting, it can be manufactured into nearly any shape and include colour changing and a range of lighting patterns.

Traditional vs. LED Faux Neon

Traditional neon lights use hand-crafted glass tubes. The light they create results from reactions with an inert gas that emits a fluorescent colour when it releases energy. Fragile and less energy efficient — using an average of 3.5 to 4 watts per foot — traditional neon lights have a great safety feature. They’re made with open circuit protection so that if one or more tubes sustains damage, the current automatically stops flowing. However, when one of the bulbs is damaged, the whole sign can go dark.

Faux neon lights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) strung together in an overlapping pattern so that they create a steady light. While the colours these signs emit are solid and not varied, like a neon glow, these units run on only 12 or 24 volts at 1 watt per foot. The modules are lighter and more protected than traditional neon; diodes are wrapped in polymer jackets to protect each one from external damage. And if one module goes out, the rest of the sign isn’t affected.

Who’s Using Faux Neon — and Why You Should, Too

Many businesses and industries attracted to the neon style or retro look would benefit from faux neon’s improved brightness, flexibility to bend into a tighter radius, moisture-resistant encapsulation, and greater durability than glass.

The tubing conceals the LEDs which provide a uniform glow. Its lightness facilitates the design of signs in many sizes, and manufacturers can panel lights together to make larger signs. In addition to saving energy and dollars, other benefits include:

  • Increased availability and a quicker turnaround time to produce and install
  • A full range of colour and endless customization options
  • The ability to control illumination remotely and program effects like moving colour patterns such as fade-ins or fade-outs
  • The versatility enables compatibility with nearly any design application
  • A more cost-effective retrofit option for commercial building signs or lighting systems when you want to add colour and personality without going over budget
  • A lower hazard risk because it runs on much lower voltage

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