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Light Up Your Brand with These Dazzling Light Boxes - The Ultimate Signage Solution You Can't Afford to Miss!

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Are you looking for an innovative way to showcase your business and attract new customers? Look no further than Neon Nights' range of light boxes. These internally illuminated signs are an eye-catching and versatile option for businesses of all sizes, perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

At Neon Nights, we offer a wide range of custom-built light boxes, including slimline edge-lit boxes, double-sided under verandah boxes, wall-mounted boxes, and flexiface illuminated billboards. We can design and build your light box or illuminated sign to your exact specifications, as well as arrange for installation and connection by a certified electrician.

One of the biggest advantages of light boxes is their 24/7 visibility. These signs are always on, which means your business is always being advertised to potential customers. Whether you're looking to draw attention to your location or add a polished look to your interior space, a light box can help you achieve your branding goals.

When it comes to designing your light box, simplicity is key. Let the illumination do the work for you and keep the design focused on your company name or branding message. Think about how the colors will look once lit-up and consider using 3D letters to give your sign a unique finish. Light boxes are an ideal signage solution for retail stores, real estate offices, banks, restaurants, and shopping centers in high-traffic areas.

At Neon Nights, we can advise you on all elements of design as well as correct placement in line with council regulations so your light box can be seen day and night. We'll guide you through decisions as to whether your bright branding will be cantilevered off the side of a building or dropped down from an overhead verandah. We'll then arrange installation and a fully compliant connection by licensed electricians.

The cost of your light box will vary based on factors such as size, materials, and installation location. Prices start from as little as $800, with additional costs incurred if installation is very high up. Remember that your light box will be on and attracting attention day and night for at least five years, making it a hard-working and cost-effective branding solution.

To keep your light box operating optimally, undertake regular maintenance and ensure it's installed with easy access for repairing or replacing LEDs or fluorescent tubes. Completion times can vary depending on the design, but will take a minimum of three weeks.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to light up your business and attract new customers. Contact Neon Nights today to learn more about our range of custom light boxes and how they can help you showcase your brand in the best light possible.

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