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Make your business glow with neon

Hair Salon Neon Sign

February 15, 2020

One of the biggest factors that affects a business’s success is visibility! This is why marketers are always coming up the most effective ways to get attention and promote businesses. Products and service need to be catch peoples attention. Good lighting is a important you’ll notice that successful businesses are well lit to make products on the shelf visible and more attractive to customers.

One of the most obvious ways to get attention is through signage. Your intention with a sign to make a lasting impact on every person who passes the store. The increased visibility on the street will increase walk in’s and sales. Neon signs are popular because they are colourful and visible through the day and night this is why they are often associated with nightlife and popular with businesses open at night like bars and restaurants

This is especially important for stores that expect most of their traffic at night. Neon lights make it easy for customers to not just spot your store but also to remember where it is. This is because when it’s dark, the human eye is naturally attracted toward luminous objects.

Other than visibility, neon lights also give you huge creative freedom. You can craft whatever designs and layouts suit the needs of your business best. To enhance visibility, you can choose from a number of bright colors.

Wide operating range
Other than the fact that neon signs are highly durable, they also have a huge tolerance for power surges and burnouts. They’re flexible in terms of the power source and voltage used. This is because they have no filament. Instead of filaments, neon lights have electrodes which don’t heat up. Since they don’t heat up, you can rule out the possibility of your neon lights blowing up due to excessive voltage.