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Live on the edge, make your kitchen glow in neon lights

make your kitchen glow in neon lights

November 5, 2021

Welcome to the topic Live on the edge, make your kitchen glow in neon lights.

Not just at concerts and restaurants, neon signs remain popular. They are primarily utilized to decorate game rooms, garages, man caves, cocktail areas, and kitchens. They provide ample light for meetings and make fantastic conversation starters due to their pleasant glow.

Make a Statement

Neon signs are eye-catching and instantly transform any environment into a focal point. Contrasting colors can help emphasize this. A bright and colorful sign against a dark wall immediately captures the attention of passersby.

The lights are a vital aspect of any area; whether they are the determining factor for the aura or only a decorative element, they have the superpower to maximize the use of available space. Today, we’re focusing on neon lights, particularly as a bold decorative feature for individuals who appreciate a bit of edge in their interiors.

Adding Color to Neutral Kitchens

Colors like white, grey, and cream dominate the modern kitchen. This is a popular choice since it enables easy switching of accent colors and styles. But sometimes, a space full of neutrals needs a little zing, and neon lights are perfect for that. No matter what hue you choose for the neon sign, it will work in a contemporary, modern, or transitional kitchen. Choose a wall that attracts the most attention, preferably opposite the breakfast bar or visible from the dining area and kitchen. This instantly improves the ambiance and makes the kitchen less formal.

Kitchen Neon Signs

Customers want a range of different signs for their kitchens; some request a specific phrase, while others request a single word related to food or eating.

Visible, vibrant neon signs evoke the ambiance of a typical bar, and you can replicate part of that devilishl mood in your kitchen or dining room. Accept nothing less than basic dinners and dull kitchens – dare to showcase your home’s best characteristics by illuminating them with neon lights and eating in the glow of their vibrant light.

Blue is a very common color choice for neon kitchen lighting. This luminous color is vibrant without being flashy, fascinating without creepy, and refined without stuffy. However, do not assume that all neon kitchens are confined to a single hue. White, green, and even crimson arrive unexpectedly!

Express your Food Philosophy

What is your favorite aspect of colorful neon signs? For us, it is unquestionably the flexibility it affords us in expressing ourselves and doing so in a spectacular manner. Avoid the conventional neon signage in the kitchen and opt for one that truly says ‘you.’ It might be something to do with your life philosophy, a message to friends and family, your food philosophy, or simply a general hello to welcome everyone into your kitchen. Allow those vibrant lights to make a true statement.

Neon Signs and Lights

Neon signs are created by bending glass tubes and filling them with a variety of gases that illuminate when activated by electricity. Different gases are combined to achieve the desired color for the neon sign. Although they were a mainstay of advertising until the 1960s, new lights and LEDs gradually displaced them. Those who appreciate the vintage charm and those who prefer modern illumination can mix these wonderful signs with modern lighting to strike a balance between the two worlds. Even if the bright neon sign steals the show, the rest of the kitchen will require a balanced mix of accent and recessed lighting.

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