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Craftsmanship at Neon Nights

At Neon Nights, we believe in creating LED neon signs that stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail. Our talented neon artists put in the time, effort, and care needed to create masterpieces of light that illuminate your home or business for years to come.

The Process

Our process begins with precision-cutting the backing of each sign to ensure that the exact design is brought to life without any unintentional deviations. Next, we measure, mark, and carefully apply high-quality LED tubing to the backing by hand, paying careful attention to every detail.

  1. Our neon artists take great care to precision-cut each backing, ensuring that every detail of the design is brought to life without any unintentional deviations.
  2. The LED tubing used in our signs is measured, marked, and carefully applied to the backing by hand, with our skilled neon artists paying meticulous attention to every detail.
  3. To ensure that your sign is of the highest quality, durability, color, and brightness, we perform rigorous testing on each sign, catching and fixing any flaws before it is shipped to you.

To ensure the quality, durability, color, and brightness of each sign, we meticulously test every aspect of the sign before it leaves our workshop. This ensures that any flaws are caught and fixed before your sign is shipped, giving you the brightest and the best on the market.

Sustainability and Safety

We take sustainability and customer safety seriously, and that is why we use materials and processes that are compatible with long-term creations. Our LED technology only converts 5% of energy into heat, making our signs energy-efficient and cost-effective. This sustainability also benefits the environment as LED technology is more sustainable and recyclable than traditional neon.

Additionally, our signs won't get warm, let alone hot, making them safe for you and your home. The durable tubing protects from breakages that could result in injury, ensuring that you won't find safer neon anywhere else.

Crafting every sign with care

At Neon Nights, we don't rush and don't cut corners. We take the time to craft every sign with care, paying attention to every detail, so that you receive a masterpiece of light that you can be proud of. We believe that our craftsmanship, sustainability, and safety make us stand out in the market and ensure that your investment in our LED neon signs is worth it for years to come.

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