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Neon signs have become an iconic symbol of the cityscape. The city skyline is no longer just about skyscrapers; it’s also about bright and colourful signs that light up the night. Neon signs are used to advertise businesses that are open into the evening hours, such as cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Though neon signage has been around for over a century, many people are still unfamiliar with its benefits. Learn how neon signs are used by shopfitters and interior designs dead set on helping cafe and restaurant businesses improve sales and on-location branding.

Neon signs are a popular choice for shopfitting restaurants and retail space when it comes to signage. They're known as an attention-grabbing device, which is what most business owners want in their store. Additionally, they can be customized with the company's name or logo on them so that customers will always know where to find you! There are also many ways neon signs work - some use gas while others use electricity but either way these beautiful lights make your storefront stand out from the rest of those around you and skyrocketing sales rates soon follow suit.

Restaurants, retail space and other forms of shopfitting are often seen as the most important aspect in any commercial property. There is a lot that goes into this process to ensure it showcases your business at its best. This can include anything from signage placement to floral arrangements or even the type of furniture you have within your store-front window display area.

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