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Neon NZ

Reset your password, Don’t have a Neon account? Sign up here. Watch hit TV shows on-demand and rent blockbuster movies with NEON. No term contracts.

Watch hit TV shows on-demand and rent blockbuster movies with NEON

Let’s be real. You want to watch your favourite TV shows when you want, where you want, without paying for cable or waiting for downloads. NEON lets you do just that with hit TV shows on-demand and blockbuster movies available for rent or purchase.

Neon Signup to Watch live TV

Watching TV without cable can be difficult. Cable is expensive, and that’s not the only problem. The problem is that many networks are regionalised. What does this mean? It means you can’t watch your favourite show when it airs; you have to wait until it becomes available on DVD or streaming services, which can sometimes take months after its original air date.
Neon TV wants to make it easy for people to watch live TV without cable. We do this by giving viewers access to live TV channels across New Zealand. They don't charge any cancellation fees or long-term contracts; you can cancel anytime.

Neon Signup to Rent movies

With NEON, you can rent movies of all genres online for as little as $4.99 a movie.
There is no need for a subscription.
Select 'Rent' from our large selection of movie rentals.
You can now watch your movie on the device of your choice from the 'My Rentals' section after you've successfully purchased it to rent.
Some movie rentals are also available to watch as part of your Neon membership, so if you have one, search for the movie title before paying for it, and it will bring up both versions of the film.

No term contracts

Neon doesn't lock you in to a fixed-term contract when you don't want to be. Instead, you get the best video streaming service possible, when and how you want it.

Log in to Your Account

You can add up to five devices to your account at a time (PCs/Macs, iPads/iPhones, Apple TV (Gen4), PlayStation® 4, Smart TVs, and so on) and remove up to 12 devices every year.

Reset Your Password

It's simple: the instructions to reset your Neon password. You'll need to follow the steps to reset your password using a browser. Make sure you open the email containing the reset password link in the same browser you used to send the password reset. Create a New Password.

Reset your password and regain access to your account, follow the instructions below. You'll be given a few questions to ensure it's your account, after which you'll receive an email. If you do not receive an email, please contact us. Look through your Spam and Bulk Mail folders.

Follow the steps to recover your account to request another email.

2. Create a new password for this account that you haven't used before. Find out how to make a secure password.

After you've changed your password, what happens next?

You'll be signed out everywhere except the devices you use to authenticate that it's you when you login in if you change or reset your password.

Change your Security Questions and Answers

If you forget your password and have to reset it, You'd need to verify your identity by answering the security questions you added in the signup process.

Neon NZ

NEON lets you Watch hit TV shows on-demand and blockbuster movies are available for rent or purchase. Neon NZ has No term contract so you'll never be locked into a fixed-term contract when you don't want to be.

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