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Who We’re Sharing Our Neon Nights Name With In 2020

World Map Glass Neon Light Sculpture

March 7, 2020

When we named our business Neon Nights. We thought it was a catchy name and easy to remember. People often confuse our name with “neon lights” at least this guess is in our niche. We make custom neon signs for events, home decor and business advertising. After launching our website we started to realised our name is so popular it would take a bit more effort then we anticipated to get listed on Google. This is because so many events and musicians use the phrase “neon nights“. To get back up there among the top results where our company belongs. We’ve decided to create a list post mentioning some of the awesome things we share our name with.

Neon Nights in charity fundraising and organised events
Charity fundraisers often organise neon night events to fundraise for important causes like guide dogs for the blind. Yoga classes in the dark and a glow in the dark golf course are examples of this.

Volunteers locally organise a glow-in-the-dark Neon Nights Kids Party in Auckland. Future down the country in Porirua, New Zealand the Neon Night Walk is organised to raise funds and awareness for mental health.

Auckland’s Neon Night Run is an fun run event. Competitors run and jog along auckland’s waterfront. Dressed in their brightest clothing with a neon glow stick necklaces. You can imagine this event has got a lot of attention and every year has become more popular. The Neon Night Run raises funds to give kids access to one on one counseling.

Afends neon nights fashion collection with the same name. Inspired by glowing neon nights, loud music and pop art. Afends neon nights collection is contemporary retro with bold stripes and daisy prints. Made using quality premium fabrics like hemp, tencel & organic cotton.

New Season Promo at Huffer. When the worker leaves into a night to play in the bright lights of the city.

Neon Nights

HRDY’s neon nights chart is a mix of techno house beats that will have you hitting the dance floor. Neon Nights Podcast features Dannii Minogue who’s most popular album shares the name Neon Nights. It’s episodes of electronic dance and pop music mega mix are sort you’d expect to find on the Neon Nights soundcloud channel. For the fans and artists of synthwave / retrowave / outrun music

Neon Nights

We considered featuring a knight as our mascot at one stage. The alternate spelling unfortunately serves more to confuse then help our customers but Black Sabbath  released a “Neon Knights” song with lyrics by Ronnie James that is a classic for rock fans.

There’s even a dirty movie, beyond PG, extra saucey…

There’s a Beer two infact, One by Lamp Lighter Brewing and the other by Sloop Brewing Co.

There’s an art competition on Deviant Art themed on dark city streets and bright coloured lights

I bet it doesn’t surprise you there’s more than a few festivals and bar parties with the same name.

There’s a glow in the dark trampoline park event as well as several playlists and a song by Accept.

There’s a shoot em up race car board game called Neon Knights.

We’re proud to share the neon nights name with so many others. Consider getting a quote on a custom neon sign today. Neon Nights can design and fabricate neon lights to suit your specific needs. Creating personalised neon signs for your business, home or special event, We only use high quality LED neon tubes and acrylic sign boards to create your signage.