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Neon Sign Fabrication

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Equipment & Experience Yield Positive Results

We have the team, talent, and equipment to fabricate any type of signing your business needs.

Neon NIghts is the best at what we do because our professional craftsmen take pride in their techniques, and we use materials to build signs that last. Our teams keep updated on the latest manufacturing processes and always choose the highest quality materials available.

Because of our commitment to also using the latest and greatest tools, we’ve got access to the best technology to create any type of sign. That commitment to excellence sets us apart from the competition. Our technology includes computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing processes. Our fabricators use:

  • A full line of computer numerical control (CNC) machinery including a 5’x10’ MultiCam Router, 2’x4’ Vytek 75 Watt Laser, and 2’x4’ Vision Rotary Engraver
  • A 20’x40’ paint booth with two professional mixing stations — Akzo Nobel and Dupont — for custom, automotive-quality sign finishes

Our Experienced Fabrication Team Takes You From “Great Design” to “Great Sign!”

While it’s true that state-of-the-art equipment leads to better results, equally critical is the expertise of the team using that equipment! Our signs wouldn’t win awards — and we wouldn’t have a consistent pipeline of returning customers — without our high-quality team on the floor.

Through our commitment to continuous improvement, we provide safety and fabrication training for all of our staff. We know that good tools make the job easier, but the right people make better products — and a great company.

Our experienced professionals track all the details. They find and resolve even the smallest issues, like perfect colour shade matching and unsightly fastening that could detract from the sign’s overall appearance. Our team also has the expertise to recommend the best lighting techniques for visibility and smooth consistent illumination without those hot spots. We always willingly share tips to reduce your maintenance headaches and costs.

High-Quality Materials + Sophisticated Machinery = High-Quality Signage

While two signs may look — at a glance — identical, the devil is in the details. We understand the value of choosing high-quality materials, and we will ensure that your sign looks great not only on the day it’s installed, but for many years. Good materials yield lasting dividends by protecting your investment. We provide different spec options to help you compare materials and decide what’s right for your budget.

Recommendations for Constructing a Better Sign

Inferior materials might save money at the outset, but we know they can cause issues that lead to expensive resolutions later. Building a better sign means not skimping on the thickness of the aluminium, quality of the vinyl, types of mechanical fasteners, or brand of LED. We want your sign to look great for many years.

You can’t see all problems initially, but they do appear over time, especially if the signage lacks good quality materials and workmanship. Our experienced group of professionals evaluates every detail to ensure it’s done correctly. And our quotes compare apples to apples.

Our new printer and laser complement the tools and equipment in our production facility. More capacity allows us to move projects more quickly through the production process while still maintaining the highest quality.

These tools can print directly to either side of a surface and precisely cut a range of materials. The new DTS printer provides speed, limitless design options, and more economical fabrication choices. We can even print diverse textures to imitate wood, Corten/weathered steel, marble, or leather.

Proudly Made by Neon Nights

As a full-service sign company, the Neon Nights team includes an experienced group of professionals fully committed to evaluating every aspect of a project to ensure it’s built right. Our project manager oversees each sign fabrication job from start to finish. And our artists, graphic designers, and experienced craftsmen take pride in their work and love pointing to some of the area’s best-looking interior and exterior signs and saying, “I made that!”

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