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Neon Signs vs Billboards: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Neon Light Billboard

March 28, 2020

Small businesses spend lot of money attracting new customers.

Billboards are brillant from a marketing standpoint. Billboards placed in high traffic areas will make lots of impressions. Advertisers design a compelling offer to promote making the sign relevant for consumers . Billboards drawing people off the main road to your side street location. To be effective need a discount or promotion to attract new visitors. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. But billboards like other marketing activities come with ongoing expenses. If your adding discounts own top of these your campaign can get expensive fast.

Have you been over looking the traffic you already have on your street?

Neon signs are popular because they’re so visible. A neon sign hanging in your shop window will encourge passers by to visit. The bright glow attracts attention making neon signs more effective than other signs.

When hung in the front window a neon sign helps you make a strong first impression.

he content of the sign can be a value proposition introduces you to prospective buyers or your logo. The glow of your neon sign will attract eyes. Promotional offers can be displayed on posters around the sign. This way they can change so your message is always relavent.

Neon sign last for many years and have none of ongoing expenses of billboards.

Neon signs are cheap when compared to other types of marketing. For businesses which operate in the evening neon signs are a must have to get passes by will know your business. Simple open signs or custom neon sign matching your logo or promoting an offer.

We have a passion for making neon signs and lighting up restaurants and other businesses. Custom neon signs give you control of your message. You can choose the design, colours, size creating a sign that will promote your business for years to come. Get in touch today for a free discussion about your ideas and receive a free no obligation quote.

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