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Neon Wedding and Events

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Brides and grooms, event stylists, and anyone planning their next special event, our team are here to help you create the neon sign of your dreams!


Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task, but decorating the venue should be a breeze! Neon wedding signs are the perfect way to create an unforgettable day, providing an eye-catching feature for your chosen venue. Neon wedding signs create a contemporary way of designing the room for your special day. Not only do they provide a memorable photo opportunity for your guests, but they also serve as a unique decoration to set your wedding apart.


Neon signs for weddings truly light up the room, and they give you the chance to make the venue even more personal and tailored to you. Put your own touch on your wedding celebrations and design your very own neon wedding sign that you can cherish for years to come. Whether it’s your family name up in lights, a romantic quote or even a heart motif, we can work with you to create the perfect neon signs for weddings.


At Neon nights, we can create a bespoke neon sign for your wedding, or you can simply choose from our existing range of signs available for hire. Wedding neon signs are one of the most memorable ways to make your special day extra special. Simply order your neon sign with us below, or check out our gallery to get some inspiration for your neon wedding sign!

Weddings & Events

Would you like a neon sign for an event you organising?

Neon Nights is supporting businesses and people like you with neon signs to enhance experiences.

We have worked with events around the country to draw attention to sponsors, brands, and the artists themselves.

We can create a range of signs from way-finding to large neon murals. We have experience with illuminated 3D letter signage, sponsor signs and portable displays. At trade show exhibitions and conferences, bright vibrant way-finding signs will maximize the impact of your event.

Popular event signage applications

Expo Branding
Your brand matters and properly represents your brand by shaping how attendees, partners, and sponsors remember the event critical to the growth of your event and the businesses involved. Companies invest in conferences and event sponsorships for access to attendees and exposure to new or broader market segments.

Event Signage for Tradeshows
At a trade show exhibit, your brand is the essence of the business and if the business owner can't define it, confusion will ensue. A brand is the identity of the business. When a business is branded properly, your customers and potential customers will generate conversation. When a logo and colour scheme is developed, these elements can be incorporated into all aspects of your business so effectively marketed, Once a brand has been established it can be it will become an important aspect of your marketing. Your trade show booth can be designed using your brand colours with a custom neon sign highlighting your logo, message, or slogan.

Festival Branding
Outdoor events like music festivals have grown in popularity over the last 10 years. People love bellowing along to music in large open fields. Festival promoters have generally tried to organise concerts that appeal to everyone. Crowds that include excitable drunk teens, young families and old hippies all at one event. The many bands at one event attract a diverse audience, which is truly special.

The most successful and honest festival branding relies on a good lineup, recognizable logo, and great photography. Festivals tend to build up their own identity through stories shared among friends and on social media. This sort of word of mouth marketing even the best graphic design in the world can’t compete with. Neon Signs create a great effect on a main stage or photo wall or as directional signage.

Neon lights are collateral festivals can reuse year after year, which pulls the consistency together between events. That’s why we enjoy creating festival branding so much, as it’s an extension of years of working in the music industry, where we’ve always worked from gut feeling and that basic level of understanding.

Increase awareness of your event. Choose Neon Nights to ensure your signs are visible and clearly communicate your message.

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