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New Signage Part of Bigger Picture

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Change: Some Pain, Lots of Gain

When a major shopping district overhaul is underway, everyone focuses on the new look. Quickly, the focus turns to required changes in behaviour – thanks to altered traffic patterns, new businesses, hours, and rules.

Little Changes Sometimes Enough to Comply

When businesses are required to change exterior signage to be in compliance with new ordinances or new developments, there’s often more room for discussion than is apparent. Retrofitting or redesigning an older sign, for example, is often less expensive for the business and such changes are frequently approved by municipal planners.

New Signs Do More Than Satisfy Regulations

There are some very real advantages to installing new signs – energy savings and better visibility are the most obvious. More importantly, though, a new sign that’s more attractive and more accurately reflects the business’s offerings can also boost business, and profits, almost immediately upon installation.

When you need to replace a business sign, don’t think ‘how can I do this as inexpensively as possible? Think instead, what can a new sign do for my business?

Start with a little brainstorming and visit our ROI calculator to see how a new sign – even one you weren’t planning on – can enhance your business.

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