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Planning Your Ultimate Engagement Party

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Creative ideas for engagement parties
Engagement parties are thrown to celebrate the love of a couple who are about to get married after one of the spouses has proposed to the other and the spouse has agreed to the proposal. In the olden days the party was usually thrown by the bride’s parents but nowadays friends and families of both the bride and groom are involved. When planning an engagement party one needs to properly plan it and make the day special and memorable as it is a day which signifies the beginning of life with each other. There are different ways to plan a party to make it unique where everyone will be left talking about it and have fun. To get the party that you desire you will have to consider a few items which will make your engagement party stand out. Some of the things that you should give attention to detail are:
Invitations to celebrate the happy couple's big news
You should choose a nice layout for your party invitations which ensures that it is simple but attractive and carries your message well. Make sure you state clearly the date, venue and time the party will be. You should also give directions to the people who do not know the place so that they can get there without trouble. You should also consider the type of party that you are going to hold and make sure the invitation corresponds well with the theme of the party. If you want a closed party makes sure you indicate it in the card so that people can bring their invitations with them. You can also indicate whether you want the invited person to bring a guest or not. You should also leave a space for the invited people to confirm whether they will attend or not. This helps the party planner to work with numbers so that they can organize a successful party. You should also indicate the names of the people who got engaged so that people can know the couple who are celebrating their engagement. Once you are through making the invitations send them out early so that people can organize themselves. Invitations can be sent through snail mail or through email which is much faster, convenient and cheaper.
Choosing decorations that will add fun flair to your celebration.
An engagement party is not complete without engagement party decorations to make the place look lively, attractive and put people in a party mood. Some of the things you can do to make the place livelier with the use of decorations are to use banners. You can put up welcome banners at the entrance of the party with congratulations or welcome messages so that the guests feel welcome to the party. You can also use banners inside the party with interesting slogans on engagements, this helps to break the ice and keep people in a happy mood. When deciding on the colour of the decoration makes sure they are coherent with the theme of the party. You can also use balloons, flowers, ribbons and stuffed animals as part of making the room more beautiful and lively.
Party games that will keep your guests entertained all night long
One should be able to choose the games that are to be played in an engagement party very carefully to make sure that everyone will be comfortable with them and that people will be able to enjoy themselves. Engagement party games help people who are in the party to bond and get to know each other better while enjoying them. Some of the games that can be played at an engagement party are charades where the party is divided into two groups and a person is chosen from a group to imitate something and the people in the team have to guess what it is. The team which gets the most points wins. This is a game where people get a good laugh and have lots of fun and it can go on for hours as you can never run out of things to imitate. People can also play verbal games e.g where couples get to be asked questions on their spouses and if they get the correct answer then they can be rewarded with a drink or presents which were set aside for the party. All in all it is important to make sure the guests have a blast so that they can look forward to the wedding.

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