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Sign Companies - How to Choose the Best

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Collect a large sample size of companies that might be able to fulfil your need. You won’t be able to tell if a company is good at what they do unless you have something to compare it to. One of the most useful tools when it comes to research is checking the reviews a company has.

Most companies don’t have reviews directly on their site, but you’ll often be able to find them on Facebook or Google. And, we were able to get signage at the same time.

Questions to Ask a Potential Sign Partner

How can a sign company help a business?

Most sign companies will be able to handle all of the tasks below, though some smaller companies may specialise in one or two of these. In that case, they likely will be able to recommend a team to complete all of the remaining tasks.

If you don’t have a logo and font yet, a sign company’s design artists may be able to create them for you.

Neon Nights Insight
There is a lot more that goes into signage than most people realize. Before hiring a sign partner, there are imperative questions to ask. You will want to know what types of signage are available for your particular needs and what services are offered. Time frame, recommendations, experience and maintenance are also important to know.


Just like their portfolios, most companies will provide a free quote. We recommend getting quotes from at least 3-4 local companies. Larger, more popular companies will likely have competitive prices. If a company uses subpar materials, rushes their work, or does not provide a holistic service, that may be reflected in their price.

For a company that does a good job the first time, check out Neon Nights.

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