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Super bright LED neon signs stand out

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You can find a good lit sign that will enhance the look of your business, especially at night. Super bright LED neon signs to stand out.

Glass neon is very visible and stylish. The only downside is that glass neon can require a lot of maintenance and can sometimes break.

These days Modern LED neon signs are used by many businesses, organizations and shopkeepers. They have the same glow and are energy efficient. Require no maintenance, put out more light, and are super bright during the day.

Here are some tips on how you can pick the best neon sign for your business:

About LED Neon Light Signs

LED neon signs are in trend to use for any space. LED neon lights come in various shapes and designs. You can install a neon sign in your room at home. It will light up your living room, bedroom, kids’ room, kitchen, and entertainment room.

Our LED neon signs are super bright making them more visible in daylight. Energy-efficient and don't require maintenance.

Neon is popular for events like weddings, birthdays, or other parties.

These signs are the best option for your business location. Many restaurants, cafés, bars, and pubs are using LED signs. So you can get inspiration from these for your own design.

The best thing about custom neon signs is that you can design them in any way you like. You can pick any colour, size, and font for these signs. You can customize a LED neon sign for any space.

led neon signs
Super bright LED neon signs stand out 1

Custom Neon Signs

You also have the option to customize a LED neon sign for any space.Custom neon signs are the best option to use for your home, business, or events. These signs are available in various designs and sizes. You can also customize these signs in any way you like. Custom neon signs are available in various colours and fonts. These signs are best to use for your home or business. You can also use custom neon signs for your events like weddings.

Neon signs are a great way to decorate your business. You can design a neon sign of your brand’s name or logo. They can also be used for special events like weddings. You can design these signs in any way you like which makes them popular for events and weddings.

woman in grey tank top and black skirt leaning on wall with lighted pink bulbs
Super bright LED neon signs stand out 2

Benefits Of LED Neon Lights

• LED handmade neon signs are easy to install with a screwdriver. Installing a LED sign will save a lot of money.

• Neon signs are easy to see from far away.

• LED neon lights are very energy efficient, giving you long-term energy savings.

Darling your a little different - purple happy birthday led neon sign
Super bright LED neon signs stand out 3

You can install neon signs at your home that are inspired by fitness, nature, love, quotes, movies, etc.

You can hang a glowing beer or cocktail sign in your bar. Using text-based neon signs with a phrase like Cheers and Dance look great.

Many neon signs are inspired by anime. You can use your favourite anime neon sign for bedrooms, and they make popular gifts. You can get a customized neon sign of their name or favourite anime character.

Make your exterior lighting more stylish with neon signs, available in a variety of sizes. Neon Nights offers custom LED signs for homes, and businesses. These signs are affordable, energy-efficient, super-bright, and can be customized to any theme you desire.

Cost Of LED Neon Signs

The cost of an LED neon sign depends on the size and length of the neon tube required to make the sign.

While an LED neon sign can be anywhere from $250 to $2000, they are considerably less expensive than traditional glass signs. Led neon cost less, as well as easier to care for. Installing and removing led signs is faster and less risky than traditional glass neon.

Should you pay more for a custom neon?

The best way to find out what you should be paying for a particular sign is to check our shop page. There are tons of designs there and prices are indicative of a custom design. This will give you a good idea of what a similar custom sign would cost. Next figure out what you want your sign to be and get a neon night quote.

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