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The 7 Best Tactics That Improve You’re On Location Branding And Drive Foot Fall


November 6, 2021

Welcome to the topic The 7 Best Tactics That Improve You’re On Location Branding And Drive Foot Fall.

Foot traffic is an essential factor in running a brick-and-mortar store. More traffic implies more sales and customer engagement opportunities, which means more revenue. The good news is that increasing store traffic is easy. In this article, we’ll discuss several tried-and-true methods for increasing foot traffic.

But first, let’s define and measure foot traffic.

Foot traffic in retail

This is the number of people in your store at any one time. How effectively your marketing efforts are working, whether or not you have the right workforce, and how to increase productivity in your business may all be measured by foot traffic.

How do you count footfall?

People counters are the most straightforward technique, but advanced instruments like mobile tracking technology, sensors, and video surveillance are also available. These systems can track customer behavior, dwell duration, and other information in addition to counting individuals in your business.

How can you get more customers into your store?

1. Maintain your storefront

Freshen up your storefront for more curb appeal! Don’t let dirty windows or peeling paint deter customers from entering your store. Some duties, like sweeping and cleaning windows, should be done daily, while others should be done every few months or years. A decent paint job can last years.

Step outside your store and observe it. Examine your windows, doors, and walls for damage and repair. Daily maintenance duties (such as sweeping and glass cleaning) should be assigned. Maybe your employees may rotate tasks, or you can pay a third party to maintain your storefront.

2. Add curbside perks

Extend your window displays with elements outside your store. You could, for example, put out a board with a funny message. Or how about a banner announcing a special event inside your store?

3. Make your associates appear busy

If you have a huge window where shoppers can see how associates behave may influence their decision to enter. For example, disinterested salespeople can deter potential customers from shopping at your store.

Prevent this by making sure your personnel are aware of their appearance and behavior even if no clients are around. Make them look bustling and inviting at all times to draw passers-by in.

4. Train employees

A beautiful store, trendy gimmicks, and tempting deals won’t attract customers if your colleagues provide terrible customer service.

5. Online presence

People are spending more time online. Now you can either whine about how the internet is destroying brick-and-mortar establishments or take advantage of it. Create a website where visitors may browse and buy your products. This increases sales, brand exposure, and foot traffic.

6. Click and collect

Selling online? Great. Lastly, we strongly recommend you to offer click and collect. Such activities will not only drive traffic to your store but may also enhance sales.

7. Be Yourself

Be true to yourself, your ideals, and your strengths. Branding success requires authenticity. Avoid being continually reinvented or exaggerating your message. A concise and unambiguous description of who you are and what you do will be sufficient to establish your brand.

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