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Welcome to the topic The Meaning of Neon to New Zealanders Today.

The gas was found in 1898 and was given the name "neon" based on the Greek word "neos," which means "new gas." When put in an electric field, this rare noble gas, which is colorless, odorless, and inactive under normal conditions, generates an orange-red glow, making it ideal for vibrant lighting.

History of neon signs in New Zealand

The first commercially practical neon lights were introduced in 1910. Although, before that, sign owners were limited to the indirect illumination of spotlights, which consisted of brilliant bulbs placed around the sign's perimeter. Neon signs became the contemporary and polished component of advertising when it became feasible to generate letters and pictograms from closed glass tubes.

In the 1960s, neon became popular in New Zealand, and the Queen St, Symonds Street, and Newmarket's Broadway retail axis was home to a fine collection of large illuminated signs advertising products like Beefeater Gin and Coca-Cola, as well as accessorizing the sidewalk marquees of cinemas like the Cinerama and Plaza. 

Neon signs can also function without being illuminated; their unlit lines create a painting against the background of their support, or even the sky, making them sculptural. During the day, the neon Keans cowboy on Queen Thoroughfare was effective as a big line painting and became a drawcard on Auckland's main street; at night, it lit and moved, with the intricacy of a spinning lasso generated by a simplistic animation.

What is a neon sign?

For quite some time, neon has been rising in popularity as one of the most popular designing components. Recently, neon has become ubiquitous, appearing in restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, and even movie theatres, and is perhaps the most fashionable element of interior design that amplifies a space.

Neon adds ambiance and an authentic one-of-a-kind touch to your design. However, many individuals have decided to buy neon to adorn their office or home. However, the bedroom is one of the best locations to use it. Neon may also become an essential component of your home's decor. The reintroduction of neon signs for houses is becoming increasingly popular to create a unique and casual look in your personalized space.

Neon lights create a striking, cosmopolitan statement that may instantly rejuvenate or enhance a place or building in architecture. These lighting fixtures can make a place feel both modern and nostalgic thanks to their eye-catching brightness, various color possibilities, and vintage design.

Neon signs for businesses

We can't picture a pub these days without a neon sign. It was a success from the moment it debuted in Paris. From there onwards, it traveled to the United States and subsequently across the world. Today, you may purchase custom-made neon signs to promote your company at Neon Nights.

Outside your company, a sign like this is guaranteed to attract attention. A neon sign blazing in the dark would be impossible to overlook. Not only is this a great way of advertising, but it also has high marketing value since nothing beats promoting your band with lighted signs that light up in your consumers' faces.

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