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It all began with a design brief.

A quick, interactive guide helped them understand their design style and captured exactly what they needed in their neon sign.
What is Neon Nights?
Neon Nights is the sign shop that makes it easy to create lit signs that you'll love.
What is a design brief?
A quick, interactive guide helped them understand their design style and captured exactly what they needed in their neon sign.
How much does it cost?
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How do you deliver quality signs?
We have a dedicated team that are 
What if I don’t like my design proof?
We offer a free mockup and quote service with x3 free revisions. We don't do free logo design, talk to a designer to get help developing your brand identity.
How long does it take?
Most quotes take about 48 hours, however, outdoor signs options can take upto  3 days to quote. Our order turnaround time is 3-4weeks.

About the Sign

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Impressions refer to the number of times your sign has been seen. Number of Impressions in 3 week Period

Increase in foot traffic

The number of customers that enter a store. Foot traffic numbers are heavily monitored by store owners in particular retail stores. Walk-ins is an important metric because higher foot traffic tends to lead to higher sales and revenue.

Increase in sales

You can calculate the percentage increase in sales, plus the net sales revenue figures for your two periods you can use the following formula:

(Net sales this period – net sales prior period) / net sales prior period * 100

Increase in user generated content

For example, experts found that third-party brand mentions account for a 500% ROI on photos. User-generated posts, videos, online reviews, tags, and hashtags cut through the noise of traditional marketing.

Increase in social media engagement

you can calculate your social media engagement rate using the following formula: the number of public interactions with a post divided by the number of account followers and multiplied by 100
Disclaimer - Figures come directly from our clients and are based on a 3 week period before and after the signs installation.

How has the new sign made an impact in your business?

Get your logo in neon from Neon Nights. Starting at $249.


How easy is it to get started?

As easy as pie. Create a completely custom neon sign in only a couple of steps.
Step 1
Fill in our neon sign brief include your logo,  design or choose from a range of fonts. Select your colour and preferences to get your mockup and quote in 24 hours.
Step 2
Let us know we are happy to make minor changes. Once you approve the deign and pay your sign will move into production
Step 3
Hang it
After the signs have been made and delivered. Open it up, hang it up and plug it in.
Sit back & watch it glow
With your sign installed and your name in lights sit back and enjoy the view.

Now it's your turn

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