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What are LED rope lights?

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LED rope lights use small light-emitting diodes, or LED bulbs linked inside a plastic tube to create a string of lights. Rope lights have many applications, both indoors and outdoors. LED rope light is simply a string of LED bulbs threaded through a clear plastic tube. The number of wires used to string the bulbs depends on the functions the end product is supposed to have. For example, a basic rope will have just two wires, which usually allows the consumer to make the bulbs flash or dim.

For some applications, the outer plastic tubing is wider. The wider tube is less flexible and bends across a larger radius. The bulbs inside the rope are often RGB and can flash in a variety of colours. LED bulbs create colours inside in contrast to traditional incandescent lights, which are coloured by filters wrapped around the bulb. LEDs are much more energy-efficient than incandescent rope lights. Besides greater energy efficiency, LED rope lights last x2 longer than incandescent versions.

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