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Welcome to the topic. What makes neon signs so popular for restaurants, and how can you apply this to your hospitality business?

Striking menu boards & neon glowing shopfront windows

Well, before your potential customers see your food, they see your signs on the street and in your service areas. When they stand outside your cafe or restaurant, what do people look at? Attractive and coordinated signage gives potential customers a sense of what you offer and, when placed in a high-visibility position, can boost your daily covers and takings. You can use signs and promotional materials to:

help customers find your location 

brand the exterior and interior of your site, making it unmistakable and memorable 

announce the introduction of updated menu items or offers with posters, table talkers or brochures 

support service staff by suggesting up-sizing and up-selling of popular items 

emphasise unique features of your food and beverage selections, such as where they are sourced from 

promote time-limited offers, such as set-menu events or early bird discounts 

create and renew interest throughout the year with seasonal wallpaper graphics 

Talk to our sign experts about brightening up your business to stand out from the crowd. 

Invest in quality signs for a competitive edge

Many cafes and restaurant owners make the mistake of treating signage as a ‘set and forget part of their marketing strategy. you can achieve an attractive and consistent look by improving permanent signs and mixing in temporary signs. as well as create fresh interest from new and existing customers.

Illuminated Signage Solutions

For many cafes and restaurants, being seen at night is fundamental to trade. The Latest LED technology allows for low-cost illumination. External building signage and internal menu boards and slimline poster signs. Talk to our sign experts about brightening up your business to stand out from the crowd.

When you work with Neon Nights you can expect:

Help customers find your location

Announce the introduction of updated menu items or offers with posters, table talkers or brochures 

Support service staff by suggesting up-sizing and up-selling of popular items emphasise unique features of your food and beverage selections, such as where they are sourced from 

Promote time-limited offers, such as set-menu events or early bird discounts

The restaurant industry is crowded and competitive, and owners must build a strong brand presence to differentiate their establishment from others. We propose neon restaurant signs. They are very visible and have a significant impact, which is what restaurant owners need.

The Advantages Of Neon Restaurant Signage

For several decades, neon signs have been very popular. Several of the most notable advantages of neon signs include:

Attract Attention: Regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions, these signs are bright and attract attention.

Energy-Saving: Neon signs are a type of energy-efficient lighting. Neon lamps are 50% more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs can waste up to four times the energy of neon bulbs. Compared to LED lights, neon produces more power per square foot than LED, so when brightness is adjusted, neon consumes more energy than LED. The differences are not as significant.

Customizable: We can manufacture neon restaurant signs to match any logo or design scheme. You may customize it with your company's logo, name, motto, or any other pertinent information.

Visible at Night and During the Day: Because neon lights are visible in many lighting settings, they are convenient. Most restaurants seek to attract evening patrons, and this signage is the most effective way to do it.

These are a few of the many benefits of neon restaurant signage. These characteristics are suitable for use both outside and indoors. Some restaurants, for instance, display a sign behind the bar. Some businesses place massive signs on the roof of their company to ensure visibility from afar.

Attracting Potential Customers' Attention

How do you decide which establishment to visit when walking down a busy main street lined with shops and places to eat and drink? Unless you have a clear destination in mind, you will rely on anything to capture your attention and pique your interest.

Effective signage is one way to do this, as store signs are something that everyone will notice while visiting a shopping district.

If your sign sticks out from the crowd, it will become the high street's focal point, generating buzz and curiosity. LED neon signs are the ideal solution for this, as they allow you to build a stylish, vibrant, and attention-grabbing sign that will elevate your brand to new heights.

Neon signs come in a plethora of colours, and you can choose the most appropriate one for your business. With their rich colours and stunning glow, these signs draw attention to your business.

Hospitality signage leads guests in the right direction. Without them, they are forced to navigate the structure and its surroundings in a virtual maze. Of course, such situations are vexing for them. As a result, you can count on superior hospitality signage to elevate the guest experience. Whatever the purpose of a guest's visit to a hotel, one thing is certain: they want every part of their stay to be as straightforward as possible.

Have questions about the topic: What makes neon signs so popular for restaurants and how to apply this to your hospitality business? Feel Free to comment below.

Not only could this course of action save you from losing a customer or even more if your customer is a trusted food critic among friends, but this strategy will also help your restaurant increase and learn from mistakes.


Not only can they find the address, but they can also retrieve contact information, business photos and other recent reviews. The tool integrates Google Street View software that allows a potential customer to tour your business without being there.

Interact with Target Audiences

Business owners need to find that audience with whom to connect. In this way, you build a following for your restaurant – all online. The Google+ Local tool takes this initiative one step further by allowing those customers to refer your restaurant by creating reviews and submitting them to their friends. This promotes your restaurant.

Building a Brand

Selecting the theme, feel and atmosphere of a restaurant helps to nail down the targeted market. The success of the marketing package lies in its ability to distinguish the restaurant’s brand from its competitors. Everything from the decor of the establishment, the signage and even the employee uniforms work together to help promote the restaurant.


There is no rigid or fast rule about how a restaurant’s nametag should look. Others prefer the look of a pinned-on badge that has the restaurant’s logo and the staff member’s name and role printed in stylish lettering. These cards are usually multi-purposed for other operations required in the restaurant.

Identification of Restaurant Staff Members

This connectedness helps to build positive staff morale. Giving employees a name tag shows that the restaurant has full trust in their ability to do their job. When customers can name staff on a personal level, there is a greater chance of repeat business, too. It helps wait staff add tips and allows customers to recognize their service.


It keeps track of employee shifts, orders, tables, and the handling of bar service and even payments. Customers prefer establishments that allow employees to wear a name tag. A name tag is only a tiny part of the big picture but it is a powerful communicator that can improve the way staff members interact with customers.

Sign Up for a Facebook Page

This may seem obvious, but many restaurants don’t take advantage of free web opportunities like Facebook. Not having a Facebook page is like turning down a complimentary, full-page ad in the local newspaper, declining a free listing in the phone book or ignoring an offer of no-cost TV publicity.

Consistent Branding

Use your Facebook page to build and reinforce your branding. Developing a visual brand response is a tad more difficult with a local restaurant, but the whole idea revolves around the views and how you relate to the product. Facebook can help you by giving your fan base a lot of views of your logo. Coupled with effective point-of-purchase branding, like signage, paper products and menus with your logo on them in your restaurant, your Facebook posts can have your clients drooling over your food because they see your logo on a post.

Use your Account as Well

Use your Account to build a friends list of people in your community and your frequent customers.

Reach Out to Friends and Neighbors

Always wish your local Facebook friends a happy birthday and offer them a coupon code for a free sandwich or dessert.

Use Your Page for Community Involvement

If you volunteer at the homeless shelter, let people know about a need they have on your Facebook page.

How to Boost Restaurant Profits in a Down Economy

If you can save on the cost of running your restaurant, or on buying supplies, you can pass some savings on to the customers while increasing profits.

Cut Costs by Searching for Hogs

Many restaurant owners accept overhead costs without question. Energy Hogs – You can save on utilities by cutting out old appliances in favour of energy-efficient ones. It is common for old appliances to seem to work, but waste energy. Water heaters, ovens, refrigeration equipment, and dishwashers can all become energy hogs.

Becoming an owned and operated restaurant rather than a franchise is popular these days. It also saves money. If it won’t get you into legal trouble, rebranding to a mom-and-pop restaurant can be a big traffic magnet. Finding fresh local produce can not only save money but also improve the quality of your food.

Be sure customers know about your efforts to cash in on the savings and the marketing opportunity.

Reduce waste

It’s not so difficult to buy food your customers eat and pay for. There are many ways to prevent excessive food spoilage. 

Streamline the Menu –

Mix and match by choosing dishes that use many of the same ingredients. Choose only the most popular and affordable items to become part of the revamped menu.

If no one ever orders asparagus, take it off the menu. Keep your menu simple, with a few mix and match ingredients. 

Keep a Record of Your Orders–

That sounds simple, but most restaurants don’t do it at all, and then do not know how much of each item to order from their suppliers each month.

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