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About Neon Nights


Husband and wife team Isaac and Annie are co-owners at Neon Nights

Here at Neon Nights, we are your expert provider of neon lights. We specialise in custom neon lights for events, home decor and business advertising, within New Zealand and Australia

As we are a small, family owned and operated business we ensure there is a personal touch in all that we do. Our customers have direct contact with the business owners and we pride ourselves on being easy to deal with and true to our word.

We are a professional team who believe that the best results are achieved through ongoing collaboration between our customers, staff and suppliers, to develop and maintain relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Isaac focuses on sales and marketing as well as perfecting the graphics, this comes with being a meddler in all things artistic. Annie takes pride in doing the best work in the industry. Keeping you updated and things running smoothly.

Your signage can make a massive difference to how much your company is noticed and how it’s perceived, and if you are not 100% happy with your brand it can make it harder to sell – We’ve have been there!

Taking this into consideration, We listen to our clients needs and enjoy designing and creating the perfect neon signs tailor made for each and every one of them. We will not start production until we’re both are satisfied with the design! 

Our Process


This is the process from receiving your idea, logo or drawing to tweaking what’s needed and reviewing it with you.


This is when we get it to production and actually build your sign (or multiple if you’re looking for a production run).


As we go through process, we perform quality control to make sure everything is up to our high standards and works great.


We safely pack your sign to protect it from breakages and then ship it to your door (or where you want it to be shipped).


You enjoy your custom neon sign for years to come and probably brag about it with your friends or customers.

Learn how LED neon signs are made

Dedicated customer service team

Many of your questions will already be answered on our FAQ page. If you want to speak with a real person call us. Our online shop will give you a reference for custom order pricing. If you’re interested, a custom sign fill in our proposal form or chat with our customer service team. We’ll walk you through the process. We’re here to answer your questions. Available 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday.

Experienced creative design

Our designers have extensive training in the engineering of neon signs. They can help you create a window sign, wall art, outdoor sign, sculpture or other product. With an understanding strengths and challenges in creating neon signage. Our team have learned how to create signs that are not only beautiful but are built to last.

Handmade Custom Neon Signs Crafted with Care

Every sign is original, but each begins with a design approval by the customer. Next using a CNC machine, a full-size pattern is cut into the acrylic sign board and given to one of our neon benders.

Our benders are skilled craftsmen who shape and wire signs. It takes approximately 6 months of training to create simple signs and 2 years of training before a bender can make the more complex designs.
Starting with a review of the job card and selection of tube colours. The bender follows the scored lines on the acrylic sign board. Positioning the tube, bending it into shape to match your design. Once all the tubes have been bent. The sign is wired up and connected to an LED driver and tested. Once tested and photographed the sign is complete and ready to be sent out.

Proven Packaging

We create our signs to be shipped or flown, delivered to your door trouble free. We line all our boxes with air pillows, these provide excellent protection for your neon sign. It’s unlikely but if anything breaks, you’re covered by our arrive safe guarantee.